Moon Meditation

Find a space within your home or outside that brings you peace. Close your eyes, breathe in deeply and exhale with relief.  

Focus on your belly, feel its extend and contract with each breath. Your core in the center of your creativity, passion, intuition, and trust. By connecting you your center you will be able to tap into that power. Think of your center as

Think of your center as a pool of watercolors, you have the ability to paint the world with your personality. Dipping your brush of thought into each color you create art with every action you take. In this meditation, paint a picture that symbolizes your goal. 

For example, If your goal is to be more confident in yourself, paint a ball of golden light that burns brighter than the sun.

Breathe in the energy of the painting you create. This full moon is about manifesting a step or many steps towards your goal. 

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