Seek Love Within

We look for beauty and acceptance on the outside, finding flaws in our body that leave us feeling uncomfortable in our own skin. Our culture has taught us to develop confidence in knowing others approve of us. From magazines to film, women are show how to look, eat, and behave. Our minds are influences by what we see, when our surrounding becomes dependent on being a certain way, we set ourselves us for failure.

Our mirrors become a reflection of what we read, listen to, and watch. Our bodies begin to mold into the constraints of culture. Body image issues, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety are on the rise for girls and women because our culture feeds us a “one-size-fits-all” narrative. We are told that the smaller we are the more beautiful we become or the curvier we are the sexier we are. From small waist lines to plump booties, our bodies are morphed into the something we are not.

Girls and women become competitive with one another, fighting for acceptance. Social media has become a space of exposure of what we think we should be. From likes to comments, we find emotional nutrients from what others think of us. Our appetite for an online presence is driven by the need to feel worth something. But when we take the time to truly look at one another, behind the faced of the screen, we can see the conflict of wanting to be someone new but also original to ourselves, this battle of never feeling good enough.

As a community of women, we can see each other starting to shed that need of perfection, exposing our flaws and scars as stories of strength. From showing off tummy rolls to stretch marks, girls and women are creating a positive movement by realizing they are not alone. With each kind word and image shared, it creates a foundation of honesty and empowerment. It’s not about the posts with the green smoothie or the perfect yoga pose, its about the courage it took to share your journey and healthy choices with the world.

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