Stress-Free Holiday Season

The Christmas music is playing on low as the fireplace crackles with warmth. The colorful lights reflect off the icy window as you decorate the tree with orbs of glass and an array of childhood ornaments. We begin to binge watch holiday films like Elf, The Grinch, and Santa Clause. Hot chocolate warms on the stove and a piles of soft blankets wait for you on the couch.

When it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas we tend to spend a lot of money on gifts for family and friends. We rush to the stores to get the best deals and find ourselves stressed over getting the items we need and having to spend the money to do so.

Many times we lose sight at what the holiday seasons are all about. We find ourselves focusing on the presents, deals, and trying to stay on our diets. When in reality this time of year is about giving back to others, spending time with loved ones, and taking care of ourselves. A time where lights, love, and warmth draw us together.

Our year finds itself in the last cycle till the New Year begins, we take time to reflect on what we have done and find the gratitude within to see our growth. Whether its walks along the snowy paths or under blankets near the fire, taking time to be grateful of our health and surroundings is important.

You may have already started Christmas shopping and getting your recipes ready for Thanksgiving, you may not have even started yet. No matter what you have or haven’t done yet, take a moment to breathe in deep and exhale all the tension.

Stress-Free Holiday Tips

Make a Holiday Budget: start off by setting a max price for gift buying. This will help you save money and create a fun challenge to find great gifts under your max price.

Food Prep: there are many parts to the holiday meal, start cutting your veggies and getting the items all measured and organized.

Shop Local: support local business in your area by buying unique gifts. Etsy is also a great online source to find local artists that craft customizable gifts.

Write It Down: list making is perfect to organize your tasks and to keep track of what you need and have.  When you write down purchases it allows you to see what you have spent and will keep you from going over budget.

Get Decorating Early: start setting up your tree, lights, and Christmas figurines. When you decorate early you’re able to enjoy the decorations longer and get into the holiday cheer. The décor will also help with depression (S.A.D) and allowing you to focus more on enjoying family and shopping rather than getting decorations up quickly before Christmas.

Avoid the Crowds: Try holiday shopping early in the morning and late at night, talk to the store employees and ask what time they have less crowds. Shopping online also is a great way to get gifts with less stress, some shops online even gift box your items and put personalized messages on them.

Have Alone Time: take a hot shower or bath, participate in a local yoga class, a walk out in the snow, or snuggle up in bed and read your favorite book. The holiday season is all about giving back, so give back to yourself this year.

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