Daydreams of Hawaii

The best part of any adventure is to look back on what you experienced. Whether its photographs or videos, getting a glimpse of the past helps make the present moment a little sweeter.

Many times in the day I find myself daydreaming about my trip to Hawaii. A vacation where Brandon and I were able to explore a new place together. Memories of swimming within the caves of coral, snorkeling with an array of fish, and walking the muddy rainforest trails.

We spend the early mornings basking in the milky pink sunrise and watching the glassy wave’s crash upon the quiet shore. We spend the afternoons under layers of blue water and golden light. We ventured up Diamond Head and found a large waterfall in Manoa Falls.

We walked for ours along the shore line, watching fish charade themselves into magical formations. We held hands along the stone path, gazing at creamy white lotuses and ducklings. Turtles bathed in the watery sunlight as palm trees displayed strips of shadows across their shells.

I placed my yoga mat on the sand, flowing in movement as the foamy waves tickled my toes. I created hands prints in the sand, leaving impressions of myself for the waves to pull away. I walked along the cold, wet sand as the picked abandoned seashells from the algae crusted ground. Brandon took pictures of me as the sunsets rays blanketed my face in sherbet swirls.

We kissed under the blue hues of the ageless sky, watching the surfers in the distance ride the edges of the oceans purr. We watched fireworks from the balcony, the salty evening air cooled our sunburned skin. Under thin white sheets we fell asleep, listening to the oceans pulse.

Find time today to reflect on a past travel. Savor each memory and find comfort in melting the past and present together.

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