Root Before You Rise

Autumn is a time of change, a season where we are given time to reflect. From the ember leaves to the steam of hot tea, the cool air teaches us to take each breath mindfully. We find ourselves more in tuned with our bodies because this season urges us to look within. Autumn and Winter are seasons connected to new moon energy, a focus on creating goals and renewing our energy. Our yoga practice becomes slower, our emotions become more fluid, and our hunger craves warmth. Our past comes to light when the leaves begin to shift in color, our feet tether us to the earth during this change of perspective.

In order for us to truly grow we must root ourselves to our past and rise to the present moment. Fear comes to the surface when we deal with growth because change causes our body and mind to alter, to shed the way we were. During Aug-Nov, it is time to start the healing process. For when winter comes, we are able to rest and rise with clarity for spring.

Taking walks along the fallen leaves and breathing in the cool air will give you the time to collect your thoughts and reflect on their importance. You may find yourself getting sick during this time because your body is detoxing, you are ridding yourself of everything that no longer benefits you. Our bodes are sensitive to the changing of seasons, our connection to the earth is at its strongest during these transitioning times.

Reaching out to loved ones, connecting to a community, spending time alone – all these things are key to the healing process. When we spend time with those who share our passions, strengthen us, and love us, we are able to collect the energy we need to transition into hibernation.

The mantra, Root Before You Rise, in order to grow you must rest and reflect. When you begin your yoga flow, you place your feet firmly on the mat and rest your hands on your heart. You close your eyes and bow your head. Body like a tree, your toes reaching outward and your spine tucked and strong.

Before you begin your flow, you root and then rise.


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