Sensitivity Isn’t Weakness

When it comes to dealing with sensitivity, everyone physically and emotionally translates it differently, ranging from crying to anger. The media has told us that being sensitive is a weakness, that we don’t have “thick enough skin.” With the media creating the messages our culture grasps on to it. From the business world to school life, we are constantly being told, “don’t let it bother you,” “you need to toughen up.” Boys deal with this idea that they are not “manly” enough because they cry or show emotions during certain situations. Girls are “too emotional”, they are seen not reliable due to their emotions. Our society is teaching us that our emotions are our downfall, our Achilles heel.

Since starting my journey into the corporate world, I have been told many time that, “you will grow thick skin and stuff won’t bother you.” So pretty much, I’m being told that I will become numb to it all, to the situations I find difficult to digest. Since my career started I have been uncomfortable having to deal with “corporate politics,” petty people, gossip, and harsh criticisms. I have been in meetings where people are yelling at each other, departments aren’t being rewarded for their work, and manager’s micromanage projects.

I graduated Columbia thinking that my career path in Marketing was going to be a hub of creativity, but I have come to realize that not all companies honor that lifestyle. After meetings feeling demolished, leaving work with tears streaming down. I have dealt with mistreatment from co-workers and have found myself angry at how people talk to each other. I have experiences waves of emotions within the same day, from being depressed to angry.

Life presents these moments as lessons, as time for us to connect to what lies within. It forces us to reflect on who we are and how we want to be. It’s not about being defeated or overcoming it all. It’s about learning to use your emotions with courage and knowing it’s your compass through all the hardships. Our emotions are not our weakness, they are our most powerful tool; they remind us that we are human.

How To Honor Your Emotions:

  • Start a journal: write it all down, every single thought. Writing is a great way to de-clutter your mind and it is a tool that allow you to look back on how you were feeling over the months to see if there is any pattern.
  • Take a walk: spending time in nature allow you to detox your mind. When you take a walk you are giving yourself time to reflect on your day and to breathe in fresh air.
  • Go with the flow: yoga is a great way to connect your emotional and physical body, to create a conversation with movement.
  • Meditate: closing your eyes and envisioning your haven allows you to center your energy and ground your focus.
  • Speak up: talk to those who support you, share how you are feeling. It allow you to open up to others and to not hold onto all the pressure of dealing with it alone.


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