The Selfish Day

I connected with the mantra “I Embrace” over the weekend. On Sunday I took the time to savor a selfish day. Brandon left to do some studying at school and I had the day to myself. I started off eating breakfast while watching the British Baking Show, a cup of tea and pita bread with jam. I then embarked on a 50 min yoga flow by Yoga With Adriene. I took a shower and ate a light lunch. I had brown rise over spinach and a Tuscan dressing with a side of falafels and hummus. After lunch I played with Oakley as I packed my backpack with a coloring book, towel, crystals, Tara statue, book, and coloring tools. I kissed Oakley goodbye and ventured out into the city. I enjoyed a walk along the brownstones and gardens as I made my way to the park. I found a beautiful tree that scattered shadows  upon my towel. I spent two hours coloring, reading, and laying under the watery sunlight. When I got home I fell asleep on the couch as the afternoon sun blanketed me, I woke up to Brandon kissing my forehead and the evening sky whispering hello.

It’s important to make time for yourself. Claim your selfishness and find a day that allows you to unwind. When we take time to relax and do things that bring us joy, we build a relationship with ourselves that is sustainable. We live in a time that is revolves around constant growth and beckons our attention 24 hrs a day. In order to strengthen our mental health we need to realize that our bodies need nourishment. You may not have a day to invest relaxation to but during your day you can have sparks of selfishness. Try reading during your commute or listening your your favorite tunes. When you wake up try a 10 min yoga sequence to awaken your senses. After dinner cuddle up with a blanket and a cup of tea while you watch your favorite film/show. The little things add up, they are a collection moments that you gave to yourself.

It’s simple being present and understanding your emotional body, seeing the importance of daily mindfulness. Being selfish isn’t wrong, it shows strength and awareness because you take the time to really listen to yourself. Tap into that natural behavior of selfishness and use it with love, embrace that inner desire to do what makes you happy.


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