A Home Alter

The key to crafting a home alter is to set an intention. It allows your alter to have a center of energy. I focused my alter on Tara, on her energy promoting love and mindfulness. You will need to find a space that will allow you to see your alter everyday.  Your alter is a place where you can pray, meditate, or simply just admire. The energy of an alter encompasses the room you place it in. There are many items you can use when setting up your spiritual space: crystals, statues, plants and art (etc). You are manifesting an art piece with the items you chose, everything has a meaning.

I have two alters in my apartment. The Faerie one allows me to connect to my Celtic heritage (I’m welsh) and it gives off this magical and dreamy energy. The alter is full of faerie amethyst, quartz, celestite, labradorite, staurolite (etc). It’s pretty much a watercolor collage inspired by spring. I recently create a Tara alter that I placed on my desk. Tara is the symbol of determination, self-love, and awareness. I bought this beautiful statue of Tara and I wanted to display its elegance. She sits in between a quartz cluster and a green fluorite, a rose quartz in front of her. I crafted a mindfulness grid in the center of the alter using moss agate, quartz, aquamarine, Tibetan quartz and peridot. behind her I have a faerie star, gaia, and a “Power To The She” poem.

This alter is found on my desk within my bedroom, the peaceful energy surrounds me in my sleep and during a yoga flow. I love waking up in the morning and seeing the alter, its a reminder for me to stay true to myself and find beauty in the chaos.

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