Tea & Yoga Please.

I came across this quote on Facebook, @yogabycandace posted it and I decided to share it with you. This quote resonated with the EcoFitYogi philosophy to live a life of love. 14291756_1230843073632689_6278434065498359952_n

We all have those days where we don’t feel like working out and the guilt starts to set within us. We start to worry about our bodies appearance, we feel “lazy,” and we tend to be very self conscious of everything we eat and do.  I always feel boasted or icky when I don-t workout, its like my body shuts down. I have spent years working on that feeling, I don’t want to experience guilt when I want to focus on other things when it comes to my body.

Our bodies include our mind, emotions, and soul, they live within the skeleton frame of our being. We can tone and strengthen our muscles and at the end of the workout we may feel more peaceful, but we are never truly balanced till we take the time to focus our attention inward to the emotional body. Ah, the emotional body – It’s a part of our being that tends to need 24hr affection and patience.

We are constantly told that we need to be fit, energized, and happy. But in reality we can’t be that everyday. Sometimes we feel like hiding in the covers with a cup of tea and a book, walking the park alone, or eating dessert while crying to a tear-jerking film. When the weekends come I notice my body becomes very emotional. It takes a lot of energy for me to workout because all my body wants to do is sleep, eat, and binge watch YouTube videos.

It’s important to find balance when it comes to your health. You need to mindfully eat, workout, and relax. Create your own comfort zone, as Adriene Mishler says, find what feels good.  It takes time to accept your body in the present moment, to find strength in rest. On the weekends I don’t force myself into a crazy workout routine, instead I make note to do what my body asks for. I tend to want a cup of tea and a yoga routine to give back to myself.I hope your find some peace and inspiration in the quote I’ve shared with you. I know that when the sun rises in the morning I have the chose to take part in an energizing routine or sleep…it all depends on what my body asks for.

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