An Interview with Sheryle

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What is your personal mantra?

Surrender.  I whisper it to myself in all my moments of resistance from the insignificant ones like traffic and the chaotic moments of Motherhood, to the big ones, like my divorce.  In Sanskrit, Ishvara Pranidhana means surrender to the divine and so in my moments of turmoil, in recognition that all in my life has been nothing short of divine perfection, from joy to suffering, that is what I do, I surrender to the divine and remind myself that this too is perfect.


How did you become interested in crystals?

I have a very dear soul sister, who is also my cousin and she started my crystal collection with a large piece of rose quartz over ten years ago.  At the time I worked in a large Corporation and the energy of the office could be quite frenetic and I would find myself holding the quartz and calming my breath.  From that time forward I was hooked and have expanded my crystal collection every chance I get and still leverage their power medicinally to bring balance to my life.

What are your favorite crystals? Why?

As a Mother I learned there are no favorites to be had, only different experiences and with my crystals it is much the same.  Some take my breath away with their incredible beauty, like apophylite, while others offer me the opportunity to ground quickly, like a beautiful little piece of Tibetan quartz that often comes along for the ride in my pocket or purse.

How has working with crystals effected your perspective on things (emotions, life, and spirituality)?

All I know for certain is that since crystals have made their way into my life, I am more joyful and connected to the oneness that we are all a part of.  Whenever I sit to make a crystal grid, which is almost meditative to me, I leave the experience filled with peace and gratitude.  I believe crystals have a magic in them and those who spend time with them are drawn to that power knowingly or otherwise.SHHH

What was the best advice you were ever given?

Wow, this question made me pause for a moment.  I have been given so much great advice in this lifetime I could write a book.  I think the best advice though is to be grateful.  Gratitude has had a magical influence on my life, and I used the word magical with intention because it has been profound.  I began to consciously practice gratitude about ten years ago and the changes in my life and relationships since that time are almost unbelievable.   I used to have a very strong victim story, things appeared to happen to me and through my practice of gratitude my victim has completely vanished and I have fully recognized not only my personal power, but the gift of each and every experience of my life.  I could not be who or where I am today without it all and so I recognize that even suffering is a gift.

Darkness is an illusion. 

What advice do you have for women who want to do what their passionate about?

As with the above, I think I’d remind them to be authentic to themselves.  There is nothing more beautiful than a person who is who stands in their own truths and follows their own path without concern for the judgment of others.  Our society was developed on pioneers, people who found a new and often better way and they were almost always faced with skepticism.   When we accept ourselves fully and completely and stand that acceptance, we lead others to do the same, and when the world is full of people who love and honor themselves, that is when we will witness great change. SHHHH

Do you find crystal grid work makes you more mindful?

Crystal gridding absolutely makes me more mindful.  Through the expression of creating, I connect with the frequency of creation itself and in those moments all illusions of separateness are dropped and I recognize all that I AM.

Could you create a crystal grid that strengthens self-love?


This is a beautiful question, so thank you.  I have created many grids to express and intend love to others but I have never created a focused grid for self-love and now, thanks to you, I will.  There is no greater gift we can give anyone else than to love ourselves.  For all judgment that we pass on another only exists in the places we still need to send our love to self.  Thank you for prompting me, it is like the flight attendants’ reminder to put the mask on yourself before attempting to help another, I must remember always to love myself first so that I may be full to love others.



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