Inspired by Tara

Tara came into my life at a time when I could barely look at myself in the mirror. I was didn’t feel secure in the life path I chose for myself, I just switched majors from writing to marketing. I was finding it nerve racking trying to focus in on what I wanted to do with my life. I was also struggling with my body image, I was working out too much and making unhealthy food choices due to my anxiety and depression. I felt completely unbalanced, unable to reign in control of my emotions and actions.

I was a sophomore in college when I came across her in a little crystal shop that I worked at. In the Buddhist section I found a small green statue of a women holding wisdom mudras and sitting in lotus position. She sat onto of a blooming lotus with a peaceful elegance radiating off of her. I picked her up and could feel her enlightened energy filling me with comfort. She was priced $15 and named Goddess Tara, I knew she was meant to be mine.

After I bought the statue I began my research. I grew up loving the Buddhist culture and looking up to goddesses from all over the world. Tara was this woman of empowerment, courage, and fluidity. She was birthed from a lotus in water, rising from the waves with strength and determination to live a life of love. Tara meaning Star, one who guides and brings you back to your inner self, your home. She is a warrior with compassion, a goddess that teaches us to embrace our passions. Tara is the embodiment of self-love, a reminder to meditate on gratitude. Tara is a Buddhist feminist, an enlightened being who chose to remain a woman when becoming a Buddha. A divine deva who found power in being a woman.

Spirituality is strengthened when you connect to a greater energy. It’s this feeling of transferring energy when you communicate. When you pray and meditate you can feel their love, guidance, and protection surrounding you. Make sure you place goddess statues in areas that you find scared, areas where you are vulnerable emotionally and/or physically. I’ve placed a Tara statues at my work desk, home desk, by my bed, and in my meditation space.

I suggest walking around a crystal or spiritual store and finding a goddess that you feel drawn to. Pick it up and be mindful of how it makes you feel. Buy it and then do research on it. You will find its meaning connecting to your present life situation. Learn everything you can about your goddess, the more you know about her the more you can connect to her energy. Make it a ritual to spend time with the goddess through prayer, mediation, or dreams. You can even focus your yoga practice on the goddess energy. For example, when I do yoga I place a Tara statue next to my mat and I focus on her energy of courage, mindfulness, and love.

She came to me when I needed her most, Tara –“she who saves.”


*Art Work by: Paola Gonzalez

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