Meet Oakley

Brandon and I adopted an 8 week old Dwarf Hotot from Willow Valley Rabbitry last weekend. He is snowy white with eyeliner eyes and small paws. We chose to name it oakley because it means oak tree meadow, we envisioned a field of oak trees in winter when we saw him.

Oakley is full of energy! He loves to run, jump, and play hide-n-seek. He enjoys laying in his litter box and chewing on his hay ball. Oakley gives me little kisses when I make kissy sounds at him, he also loves to run in circles when in his playpen. He likes to dig in his orange towel that he sits on when outside of his cage.

Oakley is my first furry pet since Skeeter died in 2013. I was hesitant to take on a new responsibility and becoming vulnerable to a new pet, but I am grateful that I chose to welcome a new member into our little family.

Oakley is still a baby and has alot of growing up to do and I’m looking forward to being apart of the memorable process.


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