Je Suis Prêt

The root to manifesting positive energy is to accept your worthiness to deserve it. When we live with gratitude life will gift us new beginnings and growth. The heart should be the core to everything we do in life, giving us the ability to feel every choice we make.

We shouldn’t live our life in fear, we shouldn’t be afraid to craft our dream lives. Instead we should embrace our inner warrior and hold one to the passion of never settling, to truly live with love.

The historical mantra, Je Suis Prêt, is a great affirmation to use when wanting to manifest positive energy into your life. This mantra has been used on battlefields in the 1700’s of Scotland to everyday French dialogue.  The mantra means – I Am Ready.

I came across this mantra while watching Outlander. The main charter, Jamie, was getting ready for the historical Battle of Culloden in 1746. He had an emblem with the mantra Je Suis Prêt, it was a symbol of bravery and acceptance of the present moment.

I dove deeper into learning more about the emblem and found it linked to a Scottish heritage of Clan Fraser of Lovat. A scot family with warrior blood, the clan joined in on the Jacobite Rebellion in 1745 that lasted until 1746. The clans fought against the English, seeking independence and to regain the British throne, by putting a Stuart back in reign. The rebellion ended with a bloodied Battle of Culloden where the clans of the Scotland ended, including Fraser of Lovat fell.

Je Suis Prêt was a war cry, accepting their fates for the chance to stand up for what they believed in. I find their story empowering, their courage is honorable.

Meditate on the mantra “Je Suis Prêt” and focus on what you are grateful for and ask for something you desire, tell the universe “I Am Ready.”



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