Beyond The Mat

Yoga is one of the greatest tools to be utilized when it comes to finding balance within and outside of the self. Yoga creates a dialogue between the mind and body, it creates this sense of patience towards our emotions. There a foundation of strength in yoga that allows the self to ebb and flow with life’s moments. A true yogi routine is not focused on sweating calories away but detoxing and taking time to listen to yourself with movement. When we place the core of our fitness routine around superficial ideals we create an unsustainable system that causes us to feel unbalanced. Yoga is not just a “workout” it is a lifestyle.

When you begin to practice yoga you will notice your mind begin to filter out unneeded emotions and thoughts. You will feel lighter in the sense that you are not weighted down by negativity of your own creation. When I hop onto my mat I am transported to a place where I feel exposed and raw when I’m on my mat, I am simply me. It’s almost if I shed the skin I’m wearing and I am allowed to move more freely. Its breath, movement, and balance.

Yoga is a lifestyle of empowerment, a flowing practice to ground courage and manifest your truest self. The mat is a pathway to taking the time to truly listen to what your body is telling you. Hands to the earth, lungs expanding, and legs finding balance within the air- you are gently forced to come to terms with what you tend to push away.

When I set off the mat I take the mindfulness, patience, and self-love with me. I take the tools that are rooted to yoga and use it in my daily routine. I find myself meditating on a crowded CTA train, slightly stretching before a big meeting, and taking deep breaths before I read emails (etc). I am in a yogi mind frame but I still detour from the path and become depressed, anxious, doubtful, and hard on myself. We tend to strive for perfection and become judgmental of the outcome. When it comes to grasping onto brittle emotions, I tend to take a moment and gently lay them to rest, I honor their presence but I am aware that they no longer serve purpose. I lay them to rest with a breath.

Nurturing the body and mind is key to living a life of balance. It’s not aiming for happiness but for being grateful for the moments presented to you. When you begin the practice you are accepting the current state of self and talking time to decode its messages. A collage of moment and breath that goes beyond the mat.


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