A Meditation Practice

I recently just started a meditation practice and I’m finding that it really does work.

I don’t chant or even hold mudras, I just sit with my palms up and try my best not to think about food or sleep. I take the time in the morning to sit in lotus pose, close my eyes, face my palms up, and begin to focus on my breath. Now, I can’t seem to find true “zen” by only focusing on my breathing, I choose to visualize my safe place, a lavender field.

It takes a lot of patience to start a meditation practice in a small apartment with your partner walking around…but trust me, headphones are your golden key to pure bliss. I love playing nature sounds as I meditate because it drowns out the sound of my partner clanging dishing around.

It’s important to make a mediation practice that is comfortable and allows you to feel like yourself. You want to be able to personalize your experience and have a special connection with your practice because when you meditate, you are in a vulnerably state, emotionally.

After I roll out my blue mat I reach for items that energies I want to connect with. If I’m wanting to focus on self-love will use my rose quartz or if i want to focus on release I will use my aquamarine. It all depends on what my mantra is for the day and how my mind feels.  I love to place my Tara statue on my mat, her energy blankets me in love, empowerment, and mindfulness.

For a meditation I think its important to create a safe place that you can go to in order to connect within and feel truly peaceful. I love visualizing, I always escape to a lavender field and sit among the flowers with my cat skeeter, its a place where I go during a long day or to start my day in bliss.

Meditation has become a go to in the life now. When I’m having a bad day or getting frustrated, my partner tells me to tale 5 minutes and mediate. I even I found myself meditating on my commute, finding peace within the chaos of rush hour.

Meditation is not about having a blank mind, but painting a picture within your thoughts that brings you to state of balance. Its a mental tool that uses breath to bring awareness inwards. Whether its in a small apartment, busy train, or even at a work desk, meditation is accessible.

Take 5 minutes today and paint your mental picture, focus on your breath, and create a personal mantra. When you open your eyes and take in the moment, you will find that you have just awoken.

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