You’re Stronger

Whenever we are going through hard times we are always told “it will get better” and “it will get easier.” We create this mindset that we have no control over our emotions and that we must “ride it out.” What if when you were going through depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, suicidal thoughts, or struggle of coming out (etc.), you were told, “It won’t get easier, you’ll get stronger?”

What if strength was the core to you overcoming your struggles or learning to live with them? Would you be more open to your emotions, knowing that you are learning from them?

I’m going to tell you that you are stronger and getting stronger everyday. Life will never be easy, you will just be harnessing the strength you have built throughout your life. With that strength you will gain a perspective on communication between the mind and body, using the heart as the connector, the one who brings balance to the chaos.

I have spent over 12 years struggling with body image. I’m going to be honest by saying that it will never get easy, you will never fully heal. I have learned throughout the years that I have gotten stronger, I have obtained the ability to alter my mindset when I’m experiencing body hate.

My mantra when i’m dealing with my mental “issues” is, I Am Strong, I Am Love. I take the time to mediate on that mantra as I hold a rose quartz and imagine my safe haven (a lavender field). I take a moment to recenter my heart, allowing the communication between my mind and body to flow.

The next time you fall down the “rabbit hole” of your own creation, I want you to close your eyes, picture your safe haven, and breathe. Repeat the mantra: I Am Strong, I Am Love. 

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