Befriending Stress

Stress is a cluster of reactions (mental & physical) that are rooted to a certain event. Like a wave of emotions, become overwhelmed. Many things can trigger stress, from change to natural disasters. We become consumed in the thought that we simple have no control. We choose to fight, ignore, and settle with the stress, because it’s easier than having to accept the moment. It’s important to have a conversation with stress, to look inward to see what triggered you to become off balance.

I like to think of stress as a part-time motivator, influencing you to focus on a certain task, it’s also a reminder that something we are doing matters. (Ex. projects, exams). I know that’s not the case for the majority of the time, that’s why I said, “part-time motivator.” Stress is not the driver in your life, it’s sitting in the backseat giving you a sense of caution.

Daily Relaxation Tips:

Meditation & Visualization

Take a deep breath
Close your eyes
Inhale, exhale
Let it all go
Imagine your peaceful place
Imagine every detail
Do you feel the suns warmth? Hear the sound of the waves?
Focus on that moment for as long as you like
Inhale, exhale
Open your eyes

Deep Breathing

Sit or stand
Breathe in deep for 5 counts
Hold your breath with ease (don’t strain the chest)
Exhale for 5 counts

(Peppermint, Lavender, Jasmine, Vanilla, Rose)

Add to showers & baths
Place on Pillow
Place on the skin (dilute with water)
Use in Diffusers

Replace negative thoughts & images with positive ones
Improves concentration
Focuses on the moment & breath
Slows heart rate
Eases the mind


Facilities problem-solving
Emotional release
Allows you to recharge the mind
“Writing away” negative thoughts
Empowering you to express


Strengthens emotional intelligence
Eases tension in the muscles
Engages imaginative thinking
Brings focus on the moment
Slows memory loss


Mental Focus
Deep Breathing
Connecting with Nature

A Great TedTalk on Stress: HERE

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