Time Budgeting Your Workouts

We tend to live in this constant thought of not having enough hours in the day, the stress of wasting the time we don’t have to give. In this modern age we have become so obsessed with time that we live by the hour. With schedules, daily alerts, and tasks to do, we find ourselves bombarded with the reminder that we revolve around the clock. Imagine a world with no time. It may cause a little anxiety thinking about a life without structure, but before the clock system was invented in 1656, people lived by the sun.

There are many things that we find to be upmost important during our day like work, school, appointments, and family time. We tend to see the trend of not having enough time to workout or the energy to do so. But what if we budgeted our time like we do our money?

You can break up your workout times throughout the day. For example, if you wanted to workout for 40 minutes, you could plan for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. Many try to rush their workouts in the morning by trying to get a full body routine in 10 minutes. The best way to build new muscles and tone the body is by doing intervals. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts are perfect for moving the muscles in rapid movement, creating balanced strength within the body.

It’s important to schedule in your workouts because your physical and mental health deserves priority. Think of your workout as the “selfish hour,” a time to connect with yourself.

Tips to budget your workout:

  • Fitness prep the night before – Get your outfit laid out along with your mat, weights, water, and shoes.
  • Plan your workout style – Writing down what you want to do will help make the morning or evening easier on you. For example, you can do yoga in the morning and cardio in the evening.
  • Workout playlist – the night before, you can create a routine on YouTube by adding your workout videos to a custom playlist. This allows you to just press play in the morning and the videos play in order, allowing you to flow into the next routine.
  • Put your workout plan into your schedule – remind yourself like you would for a meeting or an event. This allows you to manage your time and establish a sense of routine.

Tips to enjoy your workout:

  • Craft a space just for you – If you’re at home you can light candles or decorate the space with images that make you happy. If you’re in the gym stock your space with items you find comfort you. For example, bring your favorite mat or weights with you.
  • Find a fitness partner – Working out with your significant other or best friend is a way to keep each other motivated. It also allows you to try new fitness moves when you have the support of someone else.
  • Try a class: Taking fitness classes is a great way to keep you motivated and open to trying new things. It’s also a perfect way to meet new people and expand your understanding of your potential.
  • Created a music playlist – Use music that gets you inspired.

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