Accepting Happiness

Happiness is a whirl of emotion, a static form of energy. Many times when you’re feeling happy it’s shadowed with a little bit of nerves. It’s almost as if you are standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the beauty of a mountains and yet steps away from its depths. It’s a wondrous emotion that thrills the nerves and overwhelms the body with joy.

I recently have been experiencing the tempest of happiness, forging my way into the eye of the storm. I am uncontrollably happy to the point that I can’t decipher my nerves from my excitement. I recently turned 22 years old, graduated from Columbia College Chicago, traveled to Hawaii, started my career as a marketer for a wellness company, and signed for my first apartment. You can say that I am “suffocated” with pure and untainted happiness.

I think that most of the time when we are truly happy we try to find cracks within our reflection, we want to expose a part of the moment that isn’t perfect. I think that we are hesitant towards perfection, because as humans, perfection is the mask of something that doesn’t last.

We tend to find the cracks within the perfection by worrying about money, health, or missing loved ones. Instead of accepting the happiness in its entirety, we rather hold on to a fraction of it,  lingering on the nature of imperfections.

Why do we have to admit to ourselves that we are happy? Do I have to confess my happiness? Is saying I’m content in the moment a sign that I am naïve?

When did being happy become taboo?

Our culture is revolved around the idea of suffering, overcoming hardship, finding resolution in the chaos. We never truly read history books that focus on joy, peace, and contentment. We read about war, death, suffrage, imprisonment, and distrust.

I guess I’m naïve to be happy, to be truly content in the moment. If that makes me foolish, then I will take it with pride.

Accepting Happiness:

  • Meditate daily
  • Listen to your body
  • Daily/weekly write down what you’re grateful for
  • Write your thoughts and feelings down
  • Express yourself – Communicate with a loved one/friend
  • Embrace your emotions


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