Being Mindful of Change

Change, a word that hold so many emotions, thoughts, and actions. A part of us welcomes change and yet sometimes always makes us wary of its presence. Change has a way of gradually welcoming itself or sometimes it just slams into our face like a distracted bug.

Here is what the May & June 2016 have looked like:

  1. Graduated from Columbia College Chicago (5/14)
  2. Went to Hawaii (5/17)
  3. Left my job at Crystal Life (Last Sunday 6/5)
  4. Got a job in the city (Chicago) as a Marketing Coordinator (found out in May)
  5. Got an apartment in the Gold Coast (Found out Today 6/9)
  6. Plan to move to the city mid- july (Decided Yesterday 9/8)

I think it’s safe to say that I know how crazy beautiful & stressful change can be. I am starting to realize how blessed I are to experience life to this degree. I am finally regaining my breath and taking the time to examine how I feel.

Tips on How To Handle Change:

  1. Breathe.
    1. Focusing on the breath helps ease the mind and bring balance to the body
  2. Write it all down.
    1. Stay focused on what’s important and how you are feeling by documenting it. Writing creates a perspective on the time frame, allowing you to feel more grounded.
  3. Ask for help.
    1. Reach out to family, loved ones, and friends. Speaking up on how you are feeling allows you to take the pressure off yourself. Communication is key to making sure change digested with care.
  4. Gratitude
    1. Be grateful for how you are experiencing life. Take the time to see growth and strength in the decisions you have been presented and made.
  5. Fitness & Healthy Eating
    1. Stay connected with your body by keeping on track with your workout routines. Eating clean, lean, and green is a great way to keep the body energized and supported.
  6. Hydrate
    1. Drinking water throughout the day will keep you feeling good and your mind clear.
  7. Meditate
    1. Before you begin your morning, take some time to just breathe and imagine your happy place. When you take the time to dive inward, you will have a more mindful day.


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