Till Next Time – Crystal Life Technology

It’s funny how quickly you transform into an adult when you graduate college, it’s a whirlwind of responsibility, bills, and freedom. There is also a lot of moments of departure from the ordinary. With my new job beginning soon, as a marketer in Chicago, I am having to leave the comfort of my old job.

I have been working at Crystal Life Technology since Nov 2012. The store has watched me grow from a girl starting college to a women beginning her career. Crystal Life was my platform of growth. The store, staff, and customers gave me the energy to expand my way of thinking and manifest my goals.

Working at Crystal Life was more than a retail job, it was a place where I learned to communicate with strangers, handle uneasy situations, tap into social media, and cultivate new ideas for sales growth and audience reach. I don’t really think of Crystal Life as a “job” I think of it as a home.

Atala, the owner of Crystal Life, has been one of my biggest supporters. She gave me the courage to present ideas without fear, to see problems as opportunities, and to think outside the box. When I came to her with the idea for the tumblr blog, the yoga twists, and chakra cups/decor, she was open to exploring the ideas and testing them out. Atala wanted to me grow as an individual, to use the tools of the store to enhance personal growth. Thank you Atala, you will always have a place in my heart.

The Crystal Life staff is my family, from the past to the present. Those who have worked there or currently work there played a huge role in my life and I am grateful for their presence. Tammy J, Tammy V.S, Veronica, Marcia, Gary, Tracy, Stephanie, Julie, Marissa, Omar, JR and Cindy! Plus all the amazing crafters!!

There is another person I would like to talk about and that is Victor. He is like an older brother to me, I’ve known him since I started working there in 2012. We are both Taurus, meaning were stubborn, opinionated, and stylish. We have shared many moments of our struggle and happiness together, we’ve grown up together, and worked on new ideas together. I am proud of his growth, he is simply brilliant and kind.  “Vic…I LOVE YOU!!!”

For all the customers who are reading this, I want you to know I am grateful to have met you. You are more than a customer, you are a friend, someone I look forward to seeing. You all have empowered me to never give up, you’ve reminded that kindness is the key to happiness and success. Keep visiting the store and buying those crystals that strengthen your inner light.  I want to your continue expanding your reach into the metaphysical world, never lose touch with your imagination. Like the quote I live by, “We are all stories in the end. Be a great one,” (Doctor Who).

I don’t like saying goodbye because I feels like an ending. I rather say, Till Next Time.



Stay In Contact:

  • Sarah Wolfe
  • Email: smwolfe26@gmail.com
  • Blogs: EcoFitYogi & Crystal Herbalism


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  1. Tammy (Johnson) McCure says:

    Thinking of you as you begin a new part of your journey Sarah. Your heart & passion are extraordinary! Till next time.


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