The Healthy Traveler – Hawaii

I recently went to Hawaii on holiday, I was on the island of Oahu on Waikiki Beach. It was my first time immersing myself into a new culture and becoming aware of new customs that I found to be inspirational.

As a vegan traveler, the hardest thing to do is find food that supports my eating habits and healthy lifestyle. In Hawaii there is a lack of Italian and Mexican restaurants due to the increase prices of having to transport dairy. Ex) a gallon of milk ranges from $5 – $10. Mexican is easier for me to eat because it has a wide variety of beans, carbs, and recipes for me to try that are vegan or can be made be vegan. I spent the week eating Thai, Korean, and Vietnamese food; I lived off sushi, seaweed salads, brown rice with veggies (sometimes adding in tofu) and the occasionally hummus and pita bread.

When it comes to traveling it’s very important to maintain your healthy lifestyle with eating whole foods, working out, and drink tons of water. Below I have provided some of tips, that I myself did when in Hawaii that made my experience on the island memorable.

Tips For Being a Healthy Traveler: 

  • Eat Local!
    • Local eateries & vendors tend to use organic and healthy ingredient  for half the price of commercial restaurants.
    • It supports the community economy.
    • Everything is freshly made, making it easier to test out new flavors and substitute ingredients that fit your eating habits.
      • Ex) I visited a local vegan restaurant called Peace Cafe, a small space filled with tons of flavor. I ordered hand crafted BBQ  sauce over fresh Tempth with coleslaw and jasmine rice; for dessert I got matcha ice cream. Everything was handmade and organic.
  • If your resort provides fitness classes.. Try Them Out.
    • Ex) I stayed at the Hilton Village (rainbow tower) where the resort provided weekly fitness classes. on Sunday I took a Sculpt class and Monday I did yoga. The classes were hosted on a lush green space, with palm trees and the sound of the ocean surrounding us.
    • By taking free classes, it gives you the opportunity to connect with your body and other tourist.
  • Explore by Foot.
    • Explore the forests or parks where you are staying, it will allows you to stay connected to nature and your body.
      • Ex) I took a hike in Manoa falls, a rain forest full of lush moss and forests of thick bamboo, at the end of the hike I was welcomed with the beauty of a larger waterfall.
    • Walking/Hiking is a great way to stay fit.
      • Ex) I walked over 6 hrs in total when walking from my hotel to Diamond Head and back.
  • Snack Smart & Stay Hydrated.
    • Snack on high nuts such as: walnuts, almonds, cashews (etc.)
    • If on a beach (with tons of sun) pack foods that provide energy like whole grains, veggies, and nuts.
    • Fruits/some veggies are a great way to keep you hydrated
    • Eat local fruits & juices
      • I enjoyed sipping on fresh pineapple juice every morning from the Dole Plantation on the island.
  • Get Rest.
    • Aim for at least 7 hrs of sleep
    • Take naps in the afternoon to regain energy
    • I recommend sleeping for 8-9 hrs for good mental & physical health

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