Tea & Tulips

We tend to get caught up in the chaos of our day, week, month, and year. Swept away in the events, projects, thoughts, emotions, and commutes. We become knotted in the reality of life, a center piece in the web of our own creation.

These past few weeks have been a blessing and yet a whirlwind of pressure and stress. I am finishing up my last two weeks of school before I graduate this May. I am having to get all my finals done while looking for a job within the marketing field.On top of school and job seeking I am also preparing to move to the city of Chicago in late July.tumblr_n1czasdUbN1tqs1heo1_r1_400.gif

It’s a weird time in my life where I am coming to terms with growing up, leaving the structure of education to begin my career. We like to think while growing up we are being prepared for adulthood, yet, in reality, we never truly get an understanding for what it means to be an adult. We are taught to seek out the high paying job, make alot of money, get a house, start a family, save money, and retire. Yet, that “perfect” life of adulthood is becoming extinct. The generation of millennials (which I am apart of) are beginning to change the system of adulthood by create a new set of norms.ParksandRec-GIF-context.gif

Millennials focus on happiness, driven by feeling, seeking out adventure and creating revolutions. Millennials are getting married less, shopping local, supporting less big corporations, and demanding equality. Instead of a a white picket fence with a home and big family, we rather have money in the bank to travel and give us a sense of security. We do want to have families but we rather live smaller, take up less space and savor the details of life. The perfection we seek is organic, local, eco, and original. 

As a millennial I am seeking a job that makes me happy, I want to work somewhere that I enjoy rather than just for a paycheck. I am taking my time and seeking out companies that are creating positive change and stand for something greater then meeting the bottom line. I’ve been called picky by those who hear about my job search philosophy, if by picky they mean having a code of ethics and mindfulness, then call me picky.

On my chilly walk to school today I stopped at Argo Tea in the Willis Tower and got myself a warm up of green tea with organic ginger. I continued my walk to class sipping my tea and watching people pass me on the sidewalk. No headphones in, no phone in hand, I lived within that moment, that walk was my uninterrupted reality. I listened to the gossiping birds and felt the wind twist my hair into tangles of serpents.13139342_1017003005059482_2518965765499615851_n

I found a collection of pink and red tulips along the sidewalk, the petals folded in, protecting their pollen of golden powder from the bitter breeze. It was a canvas of pastel watercolors, shades of spring against the muddy earth and scattered mulch, the color of burnt mocha. I sipped on my tea and watcher their stems bend into backwards, a heart opener, the flowers twisting into yoga inspired poses.

I took the moment to just breathe, to simple just be present. It’s important for us to take the time to collect our thoughts and emotions and store them into a state of awareness. In order to establish clarity into our lives we must take the time to understand our reality.

On of my favorite ways to reconnect with myself is on Thursdays, a say I declare as #TreatYoSelf. Based on the hit show Parks and Recreations, I take the day to treat myself to anything I like.giphy

As a college student I have a budget…

So, I tend to just buy myself a cup of tea and go on a peaceful morning walk. Sometimes I indulge in some vegan dessert or watch a new film. I still do my “selfish hour” each day through honoring my mind and body with fitness, but #TreatYoSelf is a day to indulge in “superficial” activities. Hence a spa day or buying that dress you have been eyeing for weeks. A day to get the things or do the things you don’t necessarily “need to do.”

Enjoy your day of tea & tulips, enjoy YOU!



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