An Interview with Julie

Julie works with me at Crystal Life Technology. She is a kind soul with a soft voice and sweet smile. Julie has the ability to look at any situation and see the positive. I respect her as a fellow vegan, she tells me about the food she cooks! She is writing her own book right now and wanting to create her own business that revolves around eating clean! I am happy to share this interview with you all because Julie is a woman who brings kindness into the world.

What is your personal mantra? 


Why did you become vegan?  

It was a process. After 21 years of being a Hair Colorist I finally had to stop and regain my health back. All those chemicals gradually built up in my body. I learned so much on my healing path. It was the hardest and most wonderful blessing that I have ever experienced. This is what led me to become a vegan.

How do you establish a balanced relationship with food?

By choosing food that still has life in it you are offering your body life. By eating fresh fruits and vegetables for most of the day and then having just a little cooked food for dinner seems to be a good balance for me. The enzymes in the raw food will digest easier in your body and you will notice that you have so much energy.

You have the ability to craft healthy foods for your young grandson, what advice do you have for women who want to create nutritious meals that their kids and grandkids will enjoy?

Let them help you make meals. My grandson loves to help me. When he
was really little I started making him green smoothies. After I filled the blender, I
would let him push the smoothie button to turn it on. Just that one part he had in the
making of the smoothie made him so happy. Make every part of preparing food fun for kids. Smoothies are a great way to get a whole meal in your child that is filled with

What do you do to give back to yourself?

I give back to myself by doing things that
bring me peace, such as meditating, going for walks in nature, gardening, spending
time with my husband, children and grandson, writing poems and I also like to
research raw vegan recipes. I have been working on a recipe book. It will be called
“Raw Vegan Food To Go” Working on this book has been so much fun. I think when you are doing something that you really enjoy, you are giving back to yourself. I also started working at Crystal Life Technology and it brings me so much joy to be in such a peaceful store where everyone that works there is so gifted. I love everything about
How has being vegan positively affected your health (body, mind, and spirit)?

Being vegan is a way of life for me. It started out as a way to heal my body and along the way I started to become more aware of everything. I deeply care about animals and would love to see them free and never harmed in any way. I am living my life more consciously now. It’s important to me to think thoughts of love and kindness while preparing food and to be grateful for all that we have.
What advice do you have for women who fear aging?

My advise would be there is nothing to fear. Just know that you are very powerful in every choice that you make.Make loving and positive choices. It’s ok to change your mind if you made a choice that is not good for you. If you are in a career or situation that is harmful to you in any way, then change it. So many women think that they are being strong when they are working very hard and making a lot of money even if it is hurting them. It’s not worth it. Take very good care of yourself by choosing to Love yourself. This will be so
rewarding for you. You will never fear aging because you will be living your life feeling so good and enjoying each day.


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