Understanding Your Emotions

We tend to quickly assume that our emotions are influenced by moon phases, pms, and weather (etc).  We can’t handle the chaos and miscommunication we have with our emotions, we tend to anchor it to a cause.

There are uncontrollable moments where we experience a whirlwind of feelings, all at once, a blend of emotions. They are not tangible, only rushing freely within us. It’s almost like a part of us is hesitant or even afraid of what our emotions symbolize. We rather neglected or create a false meaning to their context.

I like this think of emotions as textures, this idea that feelings allow you to feel that moment for what it presents itself in. Sadness or being calm feel likeS water, slipping through your fingers like fine blue silk. Anger and stress feel like flames, embers that hold shades of heat. Depression feels like hollow bark, rough yet smooth, empty yet has so much beauty.

Emotions are created within us to bring awareness to the moment. To give us the opportunity to understand how our body and mind feels during certain situations. I know that sometimes it feel like we have no control of our emotions, there is a sense of disconnect between the mind and body. For instance you can feel happy to be somewhere yet nervous.

Is saying we’re cranky because it’s a full moon a form of deflecting? If you are super stressed does that mean it’s our “time of month”? Is it easier to blame the moon or the body for our emotions rather than a situation or unresolved feeling?

Emotions are natural, they are lessons that provide awareness. When emotions present themselves we should allow our body to organically digest them. Like a women’s intuition, we should take our feelings as messages, allow our body and mind to communicate without judgment.

Tips for Understanding Your Emotions:

  • Meditate – taking time to still the mind and create a sense of clarity will allow you to have more awareness and kindness towards your emotions.
  • Rest – sleep is very important, it allows your body to adjust and restore itself. It also gives the mind time to digest experiences and store them away for later use.
  • Yoga & Exercise – brings balance to the heart and mind. Establishing a connection between the two, where they can communicate and live in harmony together.
  • Journal – write down how you are feeling. Confront the emotions with open arms, stay strong and yet have a sense of tenderness towards them. By tracking how your experiences trigger certain emotions, you will be able to be more aware of how your daily choices effect you.
  • Go Outside – spending time in nature is perfect for reflecting. It gives you time to center and put your life into perspective. Breathe in the fresh air and feel the sun on your skin. You will notice your mind go still and your senses heighten to the natural landscape.
Tree pose is a great way to center

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