An Interview with Emma

I am inspired by Emma’s strength and how she manifests her own happiness and confidence. She has the ability to voice her thoughts with such power that she demands those around her to listen. Emma is my youngest sister and I’m proud to watch her grow up with such energy and personality. She is a smart, unique, and complex women. Emma is someone who has the ability to see the beauty in simple things.

What is your personal mantra?

My personal mantra is, “My life has changed and I’m changing with it.” In my life there has been a lot of change and it has not been easy for me to deal with. Some of the changes are nightmares but the rest are dreams, change will always be a hard word to define in life, but as long as you know what it means to you, then change will be easier.

How has your high school experience shaped your personality?

I always thought high school was just a speed bump on my way to being an adult. It showed me who I actually was. I gave me insight on what challenges I will face in life. I learned that a test or a grade should not tell a person who they are. I didn’t get the best grades on my ACT score but I know I am very smart and that allowed me to be accepted into a local college. High school has made me a stronger person.DSCF2956

What have you learned about preparing for the transitions from high school to college?

College is a challenge for the mind and high school is just the starter to help you. Once you transition into college, you are welcomed with the reality of life. Parents won’t be there every day, teachers can’t give you extra time and assistance all the time, and you have to learn how to handle your own finances. College is the change for you to gain independence and a taste of the real world.

How has dealing with depression and ADHD affected your daily life?

These have affected my daily life because I feel like I’m stuck in a box and I’m trying hard to fight to break out of its pressure. At school I don’t like to focus and when I saw my doctor I realizes that haven’t been enjoying my life the way I should. Now, I go on walks every day to enjoy what’s around me and listening to music takes my mind to other places. I have been a fighter of depression and ADHD, but each day I get stronger and happier.12118942_911355755609566_1773194608356267394_n.jpg

What advice do you have for young girls starting high school?

DON’T CHANGE WHO YOU ARE TO FIT IN! being yourself will show your true potential. Set goals, join clubs and/or team sports. Don’t worry about homework load, just pace yourself. You just need to smile and enjoy your four years in high school. Don’t change yourself for anyone, remain YOU.

You have two sisters (me & kaity) who have struggled with body image issues, how has growing up with that influenced altered your perspective on the body?

It helped me love my body. I learned from you two, to stop worrying about how “skinny” I have to be or comparing myself to other. You are both people I look up to and want to follow. You both helped me feel comfortable in my own skin, I hope you someday feel the same.10553418_817171621694647_6719978008166135751_n

Have you found social media to create a sense of pressure to look a certain way for girls your age? What social media influencers do you believe create false beauty standards?

Yes, social media is a place where girls compare themselves. The amount of followers someone has to how many likes they get, makes girls want to look and act a certain way. This effects girls to make themselves feel the need to be skinny, tan, toned, and perfect. Girls shouldn’t have to feel that way due to pressures of social media, they are beautiful in their own way.DSCF2948

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