Eat With Love (Food Fuels)

In the city of Chicago I find a lot of food choices that fit in with my vegan, organic, and healthy lifestyle. I enjoy the city for its array of options that fit the needs of millions of people, it allows me as a vegan, to not feel secluded. When I’m in the suburbs (Geneva,IL) I have limited choices when it comes to eating out, it has cultivated my choice to cook at home then going out for date night.

Today as I prepared for an interview I treated myself to the Protein Bar for a clean and green lunch. I had an array of choices from burritos, soups, salad, bowls, and smoothies.

I chose..

  • Avo-Matcha Smoothie: avocado, matcha green tea, raw organic honey, almond milk, vanilla protein (vegan)
  • Guac & Roll: Avocado, house-made cilantro lime dressing, black beans, fresh salsa, and super 6 Salad Mix wrapped in a 100% whole wheat flaxseed tortilla

This is an example when I talk about eating with love, we should chose foods that bring us happiness and satisfy our foodie experience. We should eat whole foods that give our bodies sustainable energy. It’s all about making smarter choices that give back to yourself and the Earth.

When you eat with love and see food as a form of fuel, you are able to create meals that are better for you! Eating is an experience not a chore or an act of boredom, it’s about savoring the flavor, to marvel at the beauty on the plate and how it got there.

Guac & Roll…SO GOOD!!

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