5 Powerful Mantras

When it some to calming the tempest of emotions within, Mantras have the ability to remind us to center and find our personal flow.

  • I Am Love – this is a reminder to love yourself and others unconditionally. It strengthens your heart chakra and allows you to blanket yourself in comfort.
  • Breathe – to take a step back and honor the moment. This gives you the clarity to marvel at the beauty of life, to inhale with peace and exhale worry.
  • I Am A Tree – you are connected to the past (roots), you are strong in the present (trunk), and you are manifesting positive growth (branches). Trees are symbols of life, they remind us to ground our energy and goals.
  • Mindfulness – this allows you to create a balanced relationship between the heart and mind. When we flow communication between the two, our body becomes stronger and healthier.
  • Like a Lotus I Grow – the lotus is a symbol of serenity, self love, and courage. The lotus grows from the murky waters, it blooms petals of soft colors against the darkened blue. The lotus reminds us that our strength and beauty lies within, that we must have the courage to grow our inner light against the pressures of darkness.

Mantras can be repeated internally or out loud. You can use crystals, malas, statues, or yoga poses to ground you to these mantras. Meditation is a great way to establish a relationship with your mantra, because the moment of silence allows for an internal conversation.

Just close your eyes and take one of these Mantras to heart. Cherish its words and find power within its meaning.



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