Self Worth Defined By Size

What if size was nonexistent? What if we didn’t use the size of our clothes to narrate our self worth? What if size didn’t define personality? And What if weights was something only measured at the doctors office?

These “what if” examine the notion that we are a culture that lives on “size.” Our entire fashion industry is built around the idea that we are embodiments of size, we are either female or male and sizes XS to XXL. We become labels, figments of a social construction.

I remember in middle school that Hollister was such a big deal. Clothing labels created status, and in many ways still do. But I horrifically remember the sizes starting at 00 (double zero). Every girl worked hard to obtain those 00 jeans, a simple tag on a pair of $50 jeans became a trend.


To give you a small history lesson, women have always been pushed away as less than. During the 1800 (and earlier than that) were always pushed away within society as hysterical, less than, and weak. *note women give birth, have periods, and deal with pressures of society… if those are signs of weakness, then I don’t want to know what strength is.

Throughout history women have been pushed into oblivion and pressured into being small, unseen, unheard, and pretty. Women weren’t celebrated for being strong and curvy, they were honored for being small waisted, quiet, and submissive. A 00 Jean does not only represent extremely thin, but it is a symbol to disapper, to not take up space.

We’ve recently seen a rise in “Plus Size” or what I prefer to call, curvy. The media has been buzzing with images of curvy models and boasting how the culture norms are changing in beauty. Yet, with all the good news with seeing curvy models, we are not realizing that in order to be curvy model you have to be size 6 and up…so pretty much you have to look like an average person. Amy Schumer recently called out Glamour Magazine for putting her in the “plus size” issue, “Plus size is considered size 16 in America. I go between a size 6 and an 8…Young girls seeing my body type thinking that is plus size?”

The human mind is a blend of nature and nature. The way to develop comes from biology and a collection of culture. When our society lifts women up for being a certain size then beats them down for being another, it creates a destructive cycle. How we view our bodies is based on how we are raised and what we are exposed to. When we are bombarded with media images telling us to “get a curvy booty” or “slim your arms” we learn to never find satisfaction within ourselves.

So ask yourself, What if size didn’t matter? What if I chose to love myself? What if beauty focused inward? When we realize the craziness of media and how size has effected women for centuries, we can than make a change to not pay attention to labels for to experience clothing. Whatever happened to holding up clothes to your body to see if it fit or even trying things on? What is labels said fabulous, confident, love (etc.) instead of 00, 0, 1, 2…?

We have control of creating new trends and empowering each other. We need to realize that there is no beauty in self – destruction.

Ashley Graham – Ted Talk

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  1. veekey1092 says:

    God bless u. Dis post is d bomb. Lifted my spirit up


    1. EcoFitYogi says:

      THANK YOU! That is why I created EcoFitYogi… to empower women. I followed your lovely blog.

      Be love.


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