Eat With Love (EcoFitYogi Campaign)

EcoFitYogi will have an April Campaign called Eat With Love. The campaign is to promote a healthy relationship with food and the daily practice of mindfulness. 



  • Green Living- Organic, Non-GMO, Sustainably Grown, Local, home gardening, farmer’s markets (etc.)
  • Earthy Eats- Veganism, Raw Desserts, On-The-Go Herbivore
  • Smart Choices– Healthy swaps, affordable options

Fun Features:

  • Cooking Videos (New EFY YouTube)
  • Interviews with Bakers, Chefs, Farmers, & Nutritionists
  • Daily Recipes & Tips
  • Yogi Thought Thursday- Video answering your questions!
  • FREE Printable Eat With Love Workbook*
  • Eat With Love Posts: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, & Tumblr

* Sign up via Email (  by April 30th


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