Healing Food Guilt

We all do it.

We all eat something or a lot of something and feel guilty about, either right after or the day after. It’s a cycle of self destruction that we take part in daily. Some of us get food guilt by eating dessert, a carb, or an extra slice or piece of something we indulge in. If you have every dealt with an eating disorder, you then to find food guilt in pretty much everything you eat, from a salad to an extra bag of Skinny Popcorn.

I have been dealing with food guilt for over 12 years. Yes, I know, I’m only 21, but food guilt is something that I was taught about at a very young age. It’s scary to think that in middle school I was being taught that that indulging in something created guilt, but then again why should I have to indulge in something?  Why is eating a small bowl of vegan ice cream after dinner an indulgence? Why should the foods that bring me comfort have baggage of guilt attached?

Yes, there are many foods (way too many) that are horrible for you. But lets be honest, many of us don’t really eat that stuff on a daily basis and yet we still experience food guilt after any meal.

If we think back to being a teen and starting to learn about our bodies, we are bombarded in the media with images of women eating yogurt instead of ice cream, or diet commercials telling us that this cake is ok to eat. Magazines give articles that teach us about how not to eat that extra slice of pizza, how to cut your calories, what detox plan we should go on, and how we can eat less and still feel full. We are constantly being shown that food is our enemy and we must tread lightly.

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

What if instead of having to cross enemy lines in order to eat cupcake, we instead became allies. If we create a balanced relationship with our food, we would be able to eat more freely. I’m not telling you to go ahead and stuff your face with a loaf of bread, but I’m telling you to stay mindful. I want you to have that piece of cake, or the extra slice of pizza, I want you to enjoy food!

Life is too short to always feel guilty, to make up deciding not to eat anything because the night before you had a cookie. I know what its like to make food the worst enemy, I battled with not eating enough and then eating too much, I was unbalanced. I realized that I can still eat the foods I love but give them healthy twists.

Food Guilt is a social construction gifted to us at a young age. But It’s our choice whether we open the box or return it to the sender. Self respect is more important than a gift from a stranger. Our history as women has been effected by the ruin of this gift, Yet, ruin is something that gives us inspiration to try again.

So, go ahead and return the gifted guilt to the sender, because you are not defined by what you eat, you are defined on how you eat.

Eat with love.


EcoFitYogi (Eat With Love) Tips:

  • Switch white carbs (pasta, bread, rice) to wheat & whole grains
    • There is more fiber in wheat/whole grains to fuel your body!
  • Try raw vegan desserts
    • they are easy to make and use minimal ingredients!
  • Don’t fear Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Use coconut oil when baking (even in raw desserts too!)
  • Try adding omegas into your meals
    • Ground Flax Meal & Chia Seeds are my favorite
  • Eat a hearty breakfast
    • start your day right by fueling your body with fruit, whole grains, and a cup of tea
  • If you have a busy schedule stock up on organic frozen veggies & fruits
    • Frozen Organic products have more nutrients then fresh
  • Choose products & companies that give back to your body & earth
    • Non-GMO, Organic, Sustainably Grown, Cruelty Free, Pesticide Free, Artificial Color/Flavor Free, Rainforest Alliance, Palm Oil Free, High Fructose Corn Syrup Free.
  • Have fun with learning where your food comes from by going to farmers markets
    • Local Organic Honey is the best…its keeps the healthy bees in business
  • Cook with friends & loved ones!
  • Grow your own food by starting a garden!
  • Try cutting dairy and using Almond, Cashew, or Coconut Milk!
  • Watch Food Network & The Cooking Channel
    • learn new ways of how to cook food
  • Check out One Green Planet, The Minimalist Baker, & Oh She Glows


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