An Interview with Dawn

I met Dawn at Crystal Life Technology, She was a customer visiting for the first time along with her dear friend Nicole. They were both so warm hearted and lovely, I enjoyed talking with them during their visit.

Dawn is a strong independent woman whom I admire. She works hard on her own business and finding time to care for herself. Her career driven spirit is in touch with its spirituality. Dawn finds beauty in the details and honors the whole picture. From traveling to exotic places or having a dinner with a group of girlfriends, Dawn is always working from her heart.

Enjoy this amazing interview, Happy International Women’s Day!

  • Do you have a personal mantra?

I wouldn’t say that I have one specific personal mantra although I often have a spiritual dialogue with God having the same or similar conversations. Below are a few phrases I do find myself repeating.Beach (2) - w

Holy of the holiest

let your force guide me

to do the right thing and

at the right timing.

I bless you

I love you

Thank you for what you have given me

Everything God has planned for me is going to come more than I can imagine.

  • What advice do you have for women who want to start their own business?

– First of all, congratulations for anyone venturing into the entrepreneurial world.

– Give yourself credit for small achievements at the beginning because small rewards lead to big accomplishments.

– Stay the course and continue to be dedicated for it will take tenacity, perseverance as well as passion to be successful.

– Have thick skin when things get tough but always stay professional and true to yourself in the process.

– Don’t get too personal or too close to clients and make sure boundaries are made, followed and kept.

– Love what you do, enjoy the highs and accept the lows, embrace failures, brush off the mishaps, be humbled by the successes and grateful for the experiences because they will be your guides, tools and teachers to help you grow and prosper in the industry you’re meant to be in.

– Provide great customer service, it will lead to steady clients and many referrals.

– And lastly, have fun and try not to take yourself so seriously.

– But more importantly, make your health a priority. Feed your body regularly with a fair amount of sleep, nutrition and exercise. This will help with endurance, a clear focus and strength for the unexpected.

  • You have the philosophy to “Treat Yourself,” what kind of things do you do to give back to your mind, body, and spirit?

SLEEP! For mind body and spirit. Sleep heals my body, gives me energy, gives me clarity and there is no better feeling then being refreshed and well-rested.

  • You recently visited the Exuma islands in the Bahamas, how did that trip positively impact you?

I left on the day of my birthday by myself and upon arrival I was greeted with the warmest welcome from the staff at the resort with them singing Happy Birthday. When I got to my room there were six birthday cupcakes in the dining room and fresh flowers on the bed that spelled out ‘Happy Birthday Dawn’. I knew at that point it was going to be an incredible week. Every person I met made me feel authentically welcome and I loved every moment of my stay.Dawn on sand bar - w

– It was the BEST thing I could have EVER done for myself. It was all about me and only me for a whole week.

– I enjoyed disconnecting from the world, my work and my friends and family.

– The Exuma islands was the perfect place for me to relax, reset, reconnect and recharge my battery.

– I went to the fitness center everyday, ate healthy at every meal, took a bath every night, read a book before bed and slept over 9 hours a night. I felt better and better with each day.

– The beaches were the most beautiful I had ever seen, the water was like swimming in a kool-aid of light blues, crystal blues and coral greens.

– I sat in the gorgeous sun everyday and with the cool breeze it made the temperature perfect. I went swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and for long walk.

– I came home a very grateful and calmer person.

  • What is your typical day like?

I will tell you what a typical day was like for me last year (actually for several years), what a typical day is for me recently and what a typical day would be like in my dreams.

A typical day for me used to be waking up at 6 or 7am and working non-stop til 1am if not later. I would sit at my computer hour after hour juggling several projects at a time, I would often eat lunch at my desk or not at all, I would take an hour off around 5pm (maybe nap but mostly do what is mandatory around the house) and then go back to work for the rest of the night. I did this over and over and over again including most if not all weekends. My mind, body and spirit suffered greatly from the stress. Although I love what I do – my schedule, the clients and the work started controlling me instead of me having any control over it. It felt like I was in a constant vortex and spinning out of control.

A typical day for me now (as of one month) is waking up around 8-8:30, enjoying a healthy breakfast and sitting at my computer to catch up on emails and go over my workload for the day. I take a break around 11am to either stretch or have a small snack, I will either work out before or after lunch and have a protein shake as my meal. I work for the afternoon with small breaks in between, have a healthy dinner, catch up around the house and try to be in bed between 10 and 11pm. If I can get to bed an hour earlier then I read. However, due to the industry I am in, which is graphic design and advertising, I am often faced with deadlines and rush jobs, so on many occasions I don’t have the luxury of an organized and calm day and it can get hectic real fast. I take each day as it comes for I never know what to expect but I aim to stay grounded, focused on my health and well-being.

– A typical day that I dream about will be waking up at my leisure, not having to worry about what deadlines are lurking or what bills need to be paid, eating a healthy and hearty breakfast, sitting at my computer for a bit, starting an art project either drawing or doing something creative in my art studio, exercising for a few hours and enjoying the outdoors, shop at a local green market to make fresh food for dinner, clean around the house, play with my animals, relax after dinner with a movie or meet friends for conversation and go to bed at an early hour with a book. Haha – would this be considered retirement? I will always want to continue doing graphic design and conceptual projects but mostly because I WANT to rather than I HAVE to. I’ve been in the fast lane for so many years that the thought of calm and peaceful days (for the most part) sounds wonderful and a welcomed change of pace.

  • Did you ever struggle with body image issues? How did you heal from it?

Yes. I believe many or all of us do to some extent. I was chubby as a child, not super heavy but I was fat in the eyes of other children. It was hard growing up with being teased and called names but around the age of nine I started playing sports and that changed the course of my life. I loved running and competing, playing softball and volleyball so I was always active and involved on team sports. I was still a heavy set girl but I was also quite strong so I didn’t get bullied or picked on, in fact, I often fought battles for other children who had body image issues because I hated how it felt and didn’t want anyone to be subjected to that kind of abuse. Being an accomplished athlete helped me become more confident, like myself and overcome some of the insecurities I had as a child.

As an adult, my weight is still an issue and a constant battle but I continue to turn to exercise and healthy eating to get my confidence back on track. I’m generally happy with with who I am because of what I’ve overcome in my life so I try and look at myself as a whole person and not what the scale says. I also believe in spiritual healing and positive affirmations and reinforcements to get me through other insecurities.

I have taken photographs of many people in my line of work as well as for pleasure and even the most confident, most beautiful and most talented people I photograph have had something negative to say about themselves. I was always so blown away by the harsh criticism a person would say about themselves when all I saw was their kind and beautiful qualities. It’s weird to say but I almost found comfort in the fact that we all go through self-esteem issues and no matter who we are as people, how much we’ve accomplished, how talented or how attractive a person is – we continue to be our own worst critics. Learning to love yourself is a forever journey and definitely one worth exploring. I believe self-love is a must-have discipline and something to work towards on at any age.Dawn wStarfish - w

  • If you are having an off day, what do you do to feel better?

– Walk away from whatever I am doing and change my environment.

– I will often turn to my crystals or stones to cleanse, guide and comfort me.

– I will pray, be kind to myself and figure out a way to be positive.

– And most often I will exercise – nothing makes the body feel better than an invigorating workout.

– Or, I will take a nice long nap to shut it all out because sleep is how I love to ‘Treat Myself’.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jackie Abelli says:

    I have been a friend of Dawn’s since Freshman year in college . She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! I love her and miss her dearly. This interview is a wonderful tribute to her growth as a woman and as an entrepreneur .


    1. EcoFitYogi says:

      I am so glad that you enjoyed the interview. Dawn is an amazing woman. When I met her I knew she had such a pure energy and an old soul. Thank you for supporting the article.


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