Embracing Failure

Failure tastes bitter, it lingers in our consciousness, a reminder that what we tried didn’t work. As a culture, we rarely talk openly about failure. We never hear people happily talking about their failures as empowering. It’s almost taboo to speak about failure, we don’t want to manifest it. In my marketing classes we are always being taught that failure is a part of success yet we never dive deep into the emotions and thoughts that are attached to failure, this notion of bravery with hidden undertones of fractured confidence.

I recently have experienced my first “real” taste of failure. I reached out to a yoga studio and set up a meeting with the owner, the meeting was set for me to pitch an idea I had for an EFY workshop. When I arrived, the owner never showed up. I waited 40min to make sure I showed my determination and still she didn’t show. It was uncomfortable for me to feel unimportant. I felt like I was being blown off because I didn’t matter, I took my failure and twisted it into guilt, making failure my fault.

Once my failure sunk in, I decided to disconnect from the world, to take the time to reflect on what I did wrong. I turned off my phone and avoided going on my computer, I wanted to shun the digital world away and focus on being completely alone with my thoughts, no distractions. To be honest, I did cry. I’m not ashamed of it, I needed to release the embarrassment of being rejected. I took the day to release my emotions and anger, I decided to paint and go on a small nature walk, I even took a nap.

During my time of decompressing I realized that my failure was a reminder that I tired, that I put myself out there. I would have never known the outcome unless I went and made myself vulnerable to the possibilities. I think taking time to reflect allowed me to see my clouded aggression. I know this is not the only time that I’m going to fail, I’m going to do it a lot, and I accept that. I now have the ability to understand that failure is a reminder of your passion. I think it’s very important that we start taking more about our failures, start sharing our stories, and empower others to keep working hard.

I know failure is scary, bitter, and uncomfortable. But when we take a moment to embrace it in all its blessings, we are truly able to be successful. With taking risks comes failure and growth, we must comfort the vulnerability of exposing our ideas to the world. We must see the passion behind the cause to keep going. Establishing a relationship with failure allows us to be more aware of how we can evolve and strengthen our ideas.

Embracing failures give you character, proves to the world that you will not give up on yourself. You are a warrior of change and failure is your weapon, your tool of power.

Helping women & girls learn to love themselves is what fuels me, My failures are remind me to never give up.

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