An Interview with Yolanda

I met Yolanda when she visited Crystal Life Technology. Her soft aura and divine sense of nature was comforting. Yolanda is a kind being with a voice as smooth as water and wisdom as strong as a trees. As the founder at Healing Hearts, she is a brilliant and hard working women who aims to give back to the Earth. Yolanda sees the world for its beauty and wonder, I am grateful to call her a friend.

Do you have a personal mantra?

My personal Mantra is to stay connected throughout the day to my personal Divine essence through self-care, meditation, walks in Nature and living a mindful life. To be a witness rather to constantly be reacting to what’s happening around.

How did you become interested in sound healing?

My first experience with sound healing came through an Eastern Indian Guru who uses sound through chanting and singing bowls in her spiritual workshops. I learned to listen to my heart and intuition and to heal my body through energy work, mindfulness, yoga, vegetarianism and sound healing.12347973_949079581851126_1364604057615887819_n

How do you practice mindfulness on a daily basis?

Mindfulness begins as I awaken every morning to a new day. I listen to my breath and what the message from my consciousness is telling me. I can gauge how the day will be like, based on what is going on with my mind/conscious thoughts as soon as I’m awake

If you could go back in time and give advice to your college-age self, what would it be?

I learned from Tao teachers that in life everything that happens to me is directly related to the principle of cause and effect, and affinity and timing determines my experiences and that choice is up to me.

Cause and effect, or Karma is there no matter how wise a person is! I’ve met 20 year old folks who are completely aware of what their path is and live consciously. Conversely, I’ve met plenty of middle age people and older who are living their lives unconsciously. Wisdom is accumulated through life experience and spiritual practice, yes, and also, whatever purpose we are here to fulfill, whatever lessons each one of us is here to learn, will happen exactly at the perfect time.

How do you balance work, family, friends, and time for yourself?

Balance is a daily adventure for me. I would like to claim that I “go with the flow” as a way of living since that’s a wonderful way to be, however, the demands of survival, work, health and family issues tend to get the best of me. Emotions…. aaahhhhh…. Emotions! My greatest challenge in this lifetime is to be in the flow with emotions and to be aware of them. I love that I’m passionate about life, yet I see that this passion can sometimes get off balance and get the best of me and those around me by being so sensitive and emotional about my own challenges.

How has yoga influenced your life?

Yoga IS my life. The more I learn to be in my body and to take care of myself, to pay attention to the subtle messages that my body gives to me, the easier it is to navigate the challenges of life, and the more I enjoy each day. I enjoy teaching at women’s retreats sound healing and tools for transformation to the community through yoga, meditation, movement, nutrition, laughter and dance.

My body/mind/spirit is happiest when I devote my practice to the well being of others. I know that I came to enjoy life, to play, to laugh, to sing, to teach by example and to live in the Oneness of life as a whole being, connected to the Earth.

I am deeply grateful to my teachers and those who have given me so much support throughout the challenging years of transformation and I devote as much time as possible 12141700_926299947462423_8635095712609126068_nevery day to support the transformation of others through personal and group sessions.

My life is very active and I love it. I am always looking for an opportunity to be out in Nature, to move my body, to laugh and to dance. I eat healthy and I look for healthy activities with healthy people who add meaning to my life. “Mente Sana en Cuerpo Sano” A healthy mind in a healthy body.

I’m presently working with the addiction of sugar and I see how it creates for me, emotional imbalance and triggers lower emotions. I have plenty of learning to do here! I see places in my life where I can improve and live consciously. It’s a day by day adventure. It’s a lot of fun. I love life!

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