Yogi Thoughts- Morning Meditation

Q: I would love to hear about your journey and view on meditation! I’ve been trying to meditate once a day and it’s been hard but rewarding. Any tidbits or advice?

I created a blog post called Honestly Meditate, where I talk about the pressure of mediation and how to make it customized to your lifestyle. But this question got me to thinking about how mediation has been helping me over the past few weeks.

Every morning before school or work I sit before my alter and I light a small vanilla candle and I pull out a chakra incent that I’m connecting with that day. For example, I was having body confidence issues yesterday so I burned a solar plexus incent. I then being a little prayer:

I call upon Tara, Mother Nature and the Fae,

To bless me on this day.

For I seek mindfulness, courage, and peace.

I am thankful for your guidance and protection.

For my celtic blood runs deep,

Bendithia gan y loer*

*Welsh: (bless by the moon)

As I pray I hold one of my crystals that I am wanting to connect with, its usually my Faerie Amethyst. I sit for a few minutes honoring my prayer and the energy of the crystal, then I take the smoke from the incent and wave it over my alter. After I extinguish the incent, I ask my Goddess Oracle Cards a question, ex: what advice do my guides have for me today? Or what goddess should I connect with today?  After I pull the card I read about tis meaning, then take another moment of silence to close my eyes and to embrace the advice I was given. After I fully eased my mind, I blow out the candle and wave the smoke around my alter as I whisper Namaste.

I’ve noticed I am grounded and more secure with myself when I mediate/pray in the morning. I have become more in tuned with my body and how I am feeling, I have heightened my mental sensitivity. I think it’s very impost to take each day and honor your guides and yourself, taking a moment to be inward. Alters are a great way to create a scared space that embody enlightenment.

My Alter

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