Tara- A Buddhist Feminist

When I was four years old I was escorted out of Sunday school because I asked to many questions, I was a disturbance to the other children’s learning. “If Gods real, are faeries?” “Is Mother Nature in heaven?” I saw the world differently and therefore I was a distraction to others. After my parents picked me up from Sunday school, I decided I would never go back to church, that I would dedicate my faith to Mother Earth.

Now, there was a slight problem with creating my own religion, I didn’t have the tools that everyone else had. I didn’t have a bible, statues, vast amounts of films books on Mother Nature, and I didn’t have a group of people who believed the same as me. It was difficult growing up without that kind of religious structure, I was always looking for other faiths that correlated with mine.IMG_20160223_173418

Within the past two years I have grown to worship the Buddhist Bodhisattva Tara (Green). I’ve grown close to Tara; she embodies Mother Nature. Tara meaning star, one who gives guidance for those who seek it. She is a compassionate goddess who provides protection, enlightenment, mindfulness, courage, and peace.

H.H. the Dalai Lama said, “There is a true feminist movement in Buddhism that relates to the goddess Tārā. Following her cultivation of bodhicitta, the bodhisattva’s motivation, she looked upon the situation of those striving towards full awakening and she felt that there were too few people who attained Buddhahood as women. So she vowed, “I have developed bodhicitta as a woman. For all my lifetimes along the path I vow to be born as a woman, and in my final lifetime when I attain Buddhahood, then, too, I will be a woman.”

Today, I worship Tara even more as a proud feminist. I’m able to have a Goddess be my God. Over the past few years there has been a feminist movement within the Buddhist culture, women are starting to acknowledge their ability to enter a state of Nirvana, Enlightenment. This idea that gender should not construct value and power in religion.IMG_20160210_210713

I think It’s very important for people to create their own belief system from combining all cultures into one. I still practice Buddhism but I also am rooted to my Celtic beliefs. I blend cultures and find beauty in the energy it creates. I don’t think it’s wrong to have Tara, Faeries, and Arianrhod coexist, they empower one another. By respecting other cultural beliefs, it allows you to grow as a being by expanding consciousness.

There are too many rules within religion, constricting those to expand and think outside the lines, it’s one of the reasons why wars brew and conflicts rise. I stand by my belief that you should believe in whatever you want, in whatever makes you happy. That when you pass away you go to the place that brings you solitude and during your time on Earth you should honor the Goddess & Gods you choose.

Tara became an anchor in my religion, a Goddess that gave true form to Mother Nature. I respect her and honor her presence. As a woman, I have always been drawn to powerful women, those to create change and stand up for their beliefs, Tara embodies that. She is a kind soul who wants to provide those who worship her with loving energy and help them manifest their goals through confidence. Tara is a Buddhist Feminist, a leader to women, a reminder to stay true to yourself and never give up on what makes you happy.IMG_20160221_100845

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