Yogi Thoughts (Menopause)

Q: What advice do you have for women going through menopause and emotional roller coasters?

The Celtic Goddess Maeve represents to honor the cycles of your body, she teaches us to embrace our bodies and understand the changes it goes through. Its taboo in our society to speak about menopause openly, a vast majority of women are embarrassed to speak about their experiences with the change. You may be wonder why a 21-year old is talking about menopause? In reality I’m a women and I understand the complex relationship with the female body. So yes, I haven’t experienced “the change” yet but I respect women who are going through it now.

We as women need remove the taboo and cultural stereotypes behind menopause. It’s important for young women to talk about menopause and get the conversation developed so that we are more open to sharing our experiences and helping each other. Women who are currently going through the change need to begin to open up to the younger generations about Menopause. Creating a foundation of understanding and becoming role models for honoring the body as it ages, will empower younger girls to establish a respect for growing older.

 When going through menopause and its emotional roller coaster, you must take a moment to breathe. Yes, Breathe. Our breath has the ability to center us, calm our nerves, and take a moment to bring us inward. Our focus on breathe is the key to acknowledging how the body is feeling and what we can do to aid it. I’ve seen a lot of women having hot flashes during their menopause and I’ve learned that Red Clover tea helps with hormonal imbalances, hot flashes, and night sweats.

I do think that a great deal of aiding the effects of menopause is all mental. How we speak to ourselves during menopause is key. We must reverse the negative thoughts and replaced them with positive affirmations. Its mind over matter, instead of taking your frustrations out ion to your body, try painting, or going on a walk. Use that anger as fuel to start a project and making yourself feel better.

Spend time in nature, connect with Mother Earth. There is something so healing about connecting with female energy, it’s very ancient practice and connects us to the roots of our creation. Lastly, how you eat is a big part of how your body balances itself out naturally. During menopause stick to more organic foods, eating light and more consciously. Take the time to connect with your food and create your own recipes. Eat foods that fuels your body like whole grains, fruits, veggies, and hormone free meats & dairy. Experiment with going meat free once a week, veganism is a powerful tool to make your body just feel better!

Do what makes you happy and feel good. Honor your body and respect the changes that are occurring, it’s a natural process. Connect to the earth through spending time with nature and eating earthy foods. Find herbal cures such as Red Clover tea and staying hydrated. Start the conversation with other women of all age ranges, build an honest foundation to women’s health. Our bodies are our homes, they house our mind, spirit, and heart; we must embrace the imbalances and the changes.

Being a woman is a gift, a very complex yet beautiful gift.



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