EcoFitYogi- Yogi Thoughts (Living In The Moment)

I believe that we live in the past, present, and future. That we are truly never living in a single moment, but a collection of moments that blend into a series of thought. When we take the time to honor the “moment” we experience a collision of emotion, interwoven with thoughts based on past experiences and the path ahead. It’s a braided stream of consciousness and unconsciousness. It’s all about balance and understanding that we can’t choose to live in a singular moment. We must acknowledge the presence of living in-between, positioned in the middle of the past and future.

It’s like when we mediate, we can choose to mentally travel forwards or backward. A lot of the times we choose to stay present, by that I mean we are focusing on a central task such as breathing. We take our concentration and focus on the breath in order to remain centered. Yet we are webbing the present moment with what we want to manifest, think will happen, and also what we have learned and experienced, we are creating a system of focus based on a stream of consciousness. We are never truly here or there, only blended in between.

I’m trying not to think about food.

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