EcoFitYogi- An Interview with Stephanie

In honor of Valentines Day, I wanted to post a second interview about an inspiring woman. Stephanie and I work together at Crystal Life Technology. She is a person who always is at ease and she has the wonderful ability to listen to others. She is a caring spirit, a strong mother, and a working woman. Stephanie talks about balance, self-care, and empowering yourself.

  • Do you have a personal mantra?
    • Yes.  ‘Look for the beauty in everything.’ Every life experience has something to offer: we simply need to see the beauty in it, or you could say, find the gift. With practice and intentional self awareness we can transform seemingly disempowering experiences into empowering ones by asking 1) What can I learn from this? 2) How can I grow from this? 3) How strong can I become?IMG_4105
  • What do you do to make sure you honor your spirituality daily?  
    • I honor  the divine within me through self-care.  My body, mind and soul love movement, and my favorite ways to move are walking, yoga, pilates, and dancing. I do at least one of these daily. Also, I try to drink lots of water and be mindful of the foods I eat. My meditation practice is very important to me. It helps me stay grounded, balanced, focused, and connected with my higher self. Practicing gratitude opens my heart to expansion and love and also raises my vibration. I practice staying authentic without fear of judgement. I remain open to receive with grace and ease. It’s essential to me to spend time in nature every day. It’s fundamental to  process my feelings, as well.  And above all, I make sure I have fun and celebrate my life!
  • Why do you think it’s especially important for women to connect with goddess energy?
    • In our culture, most of us manage our day to day activities in a masculine energy mode, which is driven IMG_3950and goal-oriented, in an attempt to juggle career, motherhood, and marriage.  At the end of the day we feel depleted, with no time or energy for ourselves. But when we connect to our feminine power we align with a life-giving energy. We connect with our inner strength, beauty, and wisdom. We can tap into our intuition; find our flow and unleash our creativity. We feel nurtured and supported. We’re always giving, giving, giving to others, so our inner wisdom can remind us that it’s okay to delegate some of our workload, to ask for help, to be open and worthy to receive. Simply put, we don’t have to do it all! When we honor the divine feminine inside us we naturally practice self-care, the setting of healthy boundaries, and the art of  saying no.  
  • How do you balance your career, family, relationships, and time for yourself?
    • Its funny how this works, but I find that by taking responsibility for my own health and well being i.e. self-care, I am better organized and focused; I seem to have more energy, vitality, and clarity. And because of this everything somehow seems to fall into place.  
  • How did you become inspired to be a healing practitioner?
    • My life’s journey has been about healing my inner wounds, and not in a conventional way! On my path I have had myriad insights and developed many skills, so the natural thing to do with what I consider a wealth of inner knowledge is to share it. I feel very passionate about what I teach and my practice.IMG_3947
  • On days you experience lack of self-confidence & self-love, what kinds of things do you do to heal those negative thoughts and feelings?
    • When this happens, it’s usually when I’m moving forward in a process of self growth. Feelings of unworthiness and old self limiting beliefs can arise. Subconscious programming tries to sabotage this and keep me small. So I choose to   focus on  filling myself with light and breathing into my heart center, expanding my heart with compassion and gratitude. I know I am a worthy and lovable goddess, and that these feelings will soon pass. I am always gentle and extra loving with myself in times like this. And this self-compassionate intention seems to shift the energy.  Still, maybe it’s time for me to have a session with my shaman? I do get worked on a regular basis.   
  • What advice do you have for women who want to grow their spirituality but also have to balance work and family?
    • Often I hear women say they don’t have time to meditate or they don’t have time to practice yoga. I say that when we meditate, we have more time. I realize this sounds counter-intuitive, but I find it to be  true. We expand our awareness through meditation. When we expand our awareness, we can envision what is really important in our lives. A spiritual practice is grounding and centering, so we end up getting more done in less time. You really only need 10 minutes a day to meditate–minimum–to sustain your practice, and the effects are tremendous! What else is super is that when we are happy and grounded, the people around us are affected as well. You know that saying “when mamma is happy everyone is happy”.
  • As a mother, what was some of the most important advice you gave your daughter?10917413_10152747766321785_1754380969717196207_n
    • Be true to yourself. Never abandon yourself for the sake of someone else. There are many messages in our culture that say it is selfish to put yourself first, but it’s actually taking responsibility for yourself. Also, communication is crucial. Especially communication in our intimate relationships.

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