An Interview with Erika

I met Erika in High School and then reconnected with her when she became a frequent customer at Crystal Life. Her energy is so pure and when she smiles she has an ability to make you feel at peace. Erika is a beautiful artist, her art tells a story with splashes of color. Her story is powerful, courageous, and heart warming. I hope when you read this article you learn about life, beauty, and the mind.

  • What is your personal mantra?
    • My personal mantra changes every day to be honest! It’s depending what is happening around me that makes me feel uncomfortable, anxious, or just saddened. I am generally a very positive person so I know that this is not always my energy! People tend to be more empathic and open to absorbing other’s emotions than they realize- this is what throws me off when I leave my house and end up in not so uplifting environments. The one mantra that works for me is “I am one with the one” or “let it go”. Also, I will just begin Om-ing to myself in my head. Om, om, om a couple times over will always bring me back to mental homeostasis. It also involves breathing. We often do not realize, we are barely allowing ourselves take in the life force all around us!
  • Why is art so important to you?
    • Art takes me back to the place I believe and feel I came from- this beautiful spirit realm of infinite imagination. At first I didn’t believe I could make art. I would think “I’m no artist”- until I began my spiritual awakening and I let go of that belief to find myself soaring in imagination. It is home. I lived with this woman who literally was a mind reader. She was so up there, on the spiritual plane, that when I was around her I was also on the level she was. At one point, I smoked some weed with her, walked in her home, and collapsed onto the floor and left my body. I was still awake and conscious, but I could not move my body. Then after a few seconds, I got back up and laid in her bed. I closed my eyes and I entered this state of lucid dreaming while remaining awake. When I opened my eyes I was not there- that’s what was so interesting. It was only in my mind’s eye. It was so vivid- I saw my twin flame and I flying through this place I had seen while on psychedelic meditations. In this place I saw art constantly changing before me- it had never been so vivid before… just, imaged unfolding upon themselves. Volcanoes springing up before me and then blooming into roses- then a door of image (1)Mayan faces… so many different images I cannot remember but it was beautiful. After an hour or so the vividness of this trance faded, and I came back to normal. Ever since then I have been able to astral plane on command, even when I don’t want or try to. These days this is what inspires my art. I enter this state of healing and go to this realm- to be visited by spirits saying and showing me how they want to be brought down onto paper, because they are my guides and wish to be seen. It’s amazing. I’ll be thinking of a red cobra, and then 2 seconds look ahead of me and see a red car with taillights that resemble snake eyes. Art is not just an escape, it is the opposite. It is a shamanic essence that I cannot live without, or I become suicidal. It may sound negative when I say that, but it isn’t really. The darkness that comes is often a message saying, “Hey, make some art.” A psychic told me my art would change the world… so I listen to that advice. If it happens, very cool. Whatever it means… I just my art to free people. It is always from my heart, to you. To show you, you can do anything you would like.
  • What was your journey in becoming a holistic and spiritual person?
    • My childhood was rough, like most others. I don’t often dive into details because it is the past but I will say that I grew up with a verbally abusive alcoholic father who was extremely angry, bipolar, and for my youngest years was addicted to cocaine. My whole childhood from birth to seven was watching my parents fight because my mother so desperately wanted him to get help. One Christmas morning, he demanded I give him money to go and buy vodka, then he chased me out of the house and I spent that Christmas and my best friend’s house. These events are not too brutal, or nearly as terrible as that of other’s experiences but this man had a profound effect on me because I loved him so much. So after all of this crazy stuff my mother separated from him when I was 6- he moved to Florida and my mother and I remained here in Illinois. I became closer to him when he moved down there, but it took me awhile to realize that he was really hurting me. His drinking only got worse- I began raising him instead of him raising me… always ending up in the hospital because of his pancreas coming close to failure. So when I got to be twelve, I began to really despise him. He went from my best friend to someone I could not imagestand- I developed severe depression and anxiety. I threatened suicide at that time but I never really was too serious about it but still ended up in mental facilities. So after being on medication for so many years and feeling extremely numbed out, I tried cannabis! After this, I had a spiritual awakening and felt no depression anymore. No fear, only confidence and love. It was amazing how I changed. Freshman year I was an intense emo chick who wore eight pairs of eyelashes at once, to sophomore year of being what others see as “normal”. Then junior year as a straight up stoner, and then progressing to my senior year as a crystal bearing, no makeup, tie-dye yoga pant priestess. I began practicing yoga and my awakening began even further. I began having vivid past life flashbacks, premonitions that came true often, dreams that told the future, and also began channeling other people all the time. I was so balanced and grounded though, that this did not overwhelm me. I went off of medication, and had never felt better. My art was soaring, along with my independence and my friendships. Then I graduated high school.
  • What do you personally do to heal emotional imbalance? Ex. Stress, depression, anger
    • How do I deal with negative emotions? It is hard for me at times, honestly. Being an empathic person I mirror people who thousands of miles away from me at times- it took me a long time to realize that. We are often so hard on ourselves, as we should have self-introspection but not so much self-hatred. After the death of my father and experience in Florida, I had never been so bipolar, truly at the worst times crippled by negative emotions. Seriously suicidal from such grief and heartbreak. Also, having a witch damning me from all the way in Miami. So, I began to lose my health that once was so strong. I stopped doing yoga, started smoking hookah everyday which was something I never did, and began binge eating and smoking way too much weed. I cycled through so much self-hate and denial for allowing myself to throw myself off physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I feel the best way to balance emotion begins with diet. I am interested in Ayurveda which is using food as medicine, and have also gone vegan in order to find harmony. Diet and dieting is important- a balance of what you are eating as long as how much. Yoga is great for grounding and calming, also for uplifting depending on which kind of practice you are having. Going for walks in nature, drawing, painting, photography- any kind of art is great. Even cooking as art can be therapeutic. Dancing every day, working out hard, and music are so important to me for releasing endorphins. I am learning lately to let go of angst-filled music that makes me feel weird instead of calm or connected. A balanced amount of sleep, along with self-reiki helps me balance myself. Just image (5)laying my hands on my stomach, my heart, or anywhere else on my body before sleeping helps seal holes in the aura and also send love and healing to chakras that need balancing. Hot baths soothe stress, along with tea and honey. Of course, working with crystals and having plants around me is also very beneficial. Find who you are, and you will know what you need. If you have pets- cuddle with them! I have also quit using all drugs even though I really love psychedelics and will fight for them any day, at this time in my life I need sobriety. Meditation can give me the same, if not better, experience than using drugs. I have also quit tobacco altogether and do not even drink alcohol. Of this these things are important if one wishes to awaken spiritually. Listen to your intuition, it is always trying to get you somewhere better.
  • Have you have experienced body image issues? How did you heal from it?
    • Have I ever had body issues? Yes! Very deeply. When I was little I would get so stressed out and upset that I would sit in my bathroom for hours and pick at my arms. I would do this for so long and so intensely, I would leave the bathroom with my arms looking like raw hamburger meat. This progressed to my legs, and even my breasts which is the most shameful. I have scars all over my body from this, and am just starting to fully let go of this pattern. It was such a habit though, it became so bad it has hindered me from having relationships or wearing the clothes I would have liked to wear because it was so obvious what I was doing to myself. It has just taken a lot of self-love to get over that- and accepting that the person I choose to show these scars to will still love me. Because to me, now they are beautiful. It is like my skin is a pale galaxy, and these scars are stars and moons and astrological alignments. Also, after my father passed my hair began to fall out from stress, so one day I bought a bunch of body razors and 12651202_10208839143565662_543479319002438123_ncompletely shaved my head! It was great going bald- I have faced a huge deal of the confidence issues I once faced, and my hair is growing back thicker and faster than it has before. So I’m very excited to see how it comes out! And of course, like most women I have suffered through thinking I’m fat. But I now love my curves, and can recognize when I am eating too much or too little. Like I said before, I believe all physical and emotionally illnesses stem from a spiritual crisis- so I have just come to balance all of this. Going vegan has helped a great deal too- exercise, healthy sleep, and positive thoughts are a huge deal to overcoming these inner struggles. The more you love yourself, others will too. It’s purely energetic.
  • What advice do you have for someone who wants to awaken their spirituality?
    • How does one awaken spirituality? It’s different for everyone- I think something we need to all remember is that we already are spiritual beings, it’s just how do I balance my soul with this body? Let go of unhelpful thought processes- let go of judgment of yourself and others, just be. If you’re serious about a spiritual awakening it isn’t going to be all flowers and third eye openings that bring you to bliss- most likely it’s really going to bring up all of your inner most issues. So just be weary that you may have to ride a few roller coasters or two but always keep positive. Learn to feel the life force within you, to face your truth- good or bad- and to always have goals and dreams that you wish to manifest. The secret to manifesting is being in the moment, truly being in the moment. A great way to awaken simage (3)pirituality is to start taking some yoga classes and meditating. Just start being more, and let go of the ego. The path towards power and enlightenment is to remember often that none of this is really as serious as we make it to be. God is a lot funnier than we all make it out to be. There’s more than enough evidence that we are literally living in a matrix and that this reality we live in was programmed by a higher evolved alien species, so just follow what your intuition says. Even if it’s scary- when we die it all doesn’t matter unless we get reincarnated again. Be appreciative, do good for yourself and others- learn to be a servant to the consciousness. Be open to all religions, but take it lightly. Remember that at the end of the day, you are your own god. Remember that karma is real and it really does get you back- if you give someone food when they are hungry, that will come back to you in ways you could never imagine if you keep doing small deeds and blessings like that. Love. Don’t lie, and laugh everything off. Let go breathe deeply. It’s always all good. Once you feel that emotion is manifested from what lies inside compared to what is outside, you will have no problem with that is happening around you.
  • What is the best piece of advice someone has ever given you?
    • The best advice someone has given me was very pure and simple- just be. If you know your truth and are in divine love, it becomes easier to do this. Just be.

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