The Stigma of Selfishness

Recently I got a horrible cold. It all started with not being able to swallow, then it turned into a chest cold with a cough and a lost voice. The worst part about being sick is forcing myself to rest. I go to school, intern, and work part-time.  With my 6am morning commutes to the city and working the busiest days (fri-sun) at a local shop, I just don’t have time to rest.

When it comes to resting our bodies during an illness, we find ourselves with the overwhelming guilt of feeling selfish. As we lay in bed we begin to think, “I should be doing stuff,” “I need to work out,” “I hate not being outside,” and “I just feel lazy.” We put this pressure on ourselves to constantly be doing “stuff.” When we find these shadowed thoughts clouding out judgement we tend to be sick longer. I do believe that there is a stigma of selfishness on being sick, especially when you have a cold.12670575_956708877755562_6970636615325602404_n

I think this was one of my most difficult colds because I kept pushing myself to feel better, I didn’t want to be selfish and rest. I have the worst time with taking time to rest because I hate not working out, I don’t like the “laziness” of healing. Yet, I took the EFY lifestyle into account. It’s important to honor the body, to be selfish, and take the time to acknowledge your emotions. Yesterday I took that mental positivity into account and I treated myself to a Vegan Matcha Latte, the warm tea soothed my throat. One I got home from the city, I took a shower and relaxed on my bed. My body felt so grateful, I could feel my muscles creating impressions on the mattress.

Today I stayed home from school, with no voice and lack of sleep from coughing last night, I decided to treat myself and rest. I’m taking the day to be selfish. With the mantra: I am Grateful for My Body, I am working on listening to my body more, taking the time to truly feel. It’s all about being honest, your health is a reflection of how you treat yourself. So with my cold I’ve learned that I push myself to hard, that I don’t take the time to really be selfish. I’m not grateful for being sick, but I am grateful for what being sick has taught me.

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