An Interview with Veronica

I have had the pleasure of working with Veronica at Crystal Life Technology and when I’m with her I feel so peaceful. Veronica is a gentle spirit and knowledgeable. I learn a lot from Veronica and she inspires me to always connect with the self. She embodiment of peace, creativity, and wisdom. Veronica makes spirituality achievable and this interview sheds light on bringing balance into your life.

Q: As a hard working woman, how do you balance family, marriage, work and time alone?

10174894_749432975091610_2311596200237854067_nI carve pockets of time between our child’s extracurricular activities, family activities and my husband’s unusual work schedule. I also work with the Chinese Calendar, called Tong Shu to choose my activities.

We women have always taken it upon ourselves to manage everything we can. I learned that balance is like life, it is constantly changing and morphing. For me, the key to being balanced is to feel balanced. Having a family, taught me to be practical and to look at what needs to be done first and who needs it the most.

Q: How did you become interested in Feng Shui?

A friend sent me a Feng Shui article from Lillian Too, the best selling author. I was hooked. In 2010 I found a local Feng Shui school and became certified as a Feng Shui Consultant. Today I continue my practice while expanding into the field of Chinese Metaphysics.

Q: What tips do you have for making a peaceful yoga space in a home?734063_642678959100346_515541409_n

A yoga space needs to be Yin in nature. I suggest doing yoga facing your personal development direction and aligning yourself with that energy.  The Resource page on my website has information about how to locate your Personal Development direction.

Q: What do you do for fitness? What inspires you to get active?

I attend a Kickboxing class taught by a master Tae Kwon Do instructor twice a week. I also meet for Qi Gong once a week. Qi Gong is an awesome way to move energy inside the body, targeting different meridians. Like Yoga, this mild activity strengthens my core and supports my internal organs while lessening injury during my active kickboxing practice. My teacher, Renee Ryan of the Lightheart Center says Qi Gong is “Taoist Yoga”.

I am inspired to stay healthy so I may continue to enjoy a good quality of life without being hindered by any limitations. Having 4 kids, I look forward to remaining active and healthy so when I become a grandmother, I can enjoy our grandchildren.12669814_827139624075816_1671049267_o (2)

Q: What do you learn from your travels? What is one of your favorite places you visited?

I learned how to balance life by observing nature. We always make time for nature walks and hikes while we travel. I am at awe at how nature manifests itself in different parts of our continent. Nature teaches me resilience and beauty.

One of my favorite places we visited was a Sanctuary built in 1403 by the Jesuits in South America. It is nestled in mountains, built out of local red stone with beautiful wood carvings.

The view and the surroundings are spectacular. We could not be closer to nature. We woke up to the noise of monkeys and a nearby water cascade. Hearing parrots fly by as well as seeing other animals roam free was a very grounding and peaceful experience.

Q: What do you do to make time for your spirituality?

I practice daily meditation and quiet time early in the morning, while my family is still asleep. It is a very soothing and centering experience. To me, spiritually is something we live with every moment, it is a state of being.

Q: What advice do you have for women who seek balance in their life?

  • Knowing what you want helps you make priorities. Everyone’s idea of a balanced life is not the same. What is yours?

For our family, the common theme has been to help our kids become independent adults while supporting their extracurricular activities. That means that sometimes the dishes where not done right away, that the beds where not made, that meals are purchased instead of homemade. Or that the projects I enjoy had to wait.

  • Have daily rituals. Our family had one meal together everyday. This activity helped us stay connected.
  • Be present while you are together. There are no phone calls or electronics allowed for that period of time.
  • Don’t do it alone. Your mate, your friend, your neighbor, your family, your pet, everyone can help.
  • Everything starts in your environment, in your home. Design the life you are looking for.
  • Love your choices and decisions. Nurture yourself and build memories one moment at a time.

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