Spiritual Alter

When creating a home alter you want to find a space that brings you peace, comfort, and privacy. Bedrooms works perfectly for this because it is a sacred place where you sleep and dream, I also suggest having it near a window so that natural light can enhance the connection of the alter to nature. Establish a theme of energy you want to connect with. Place items that are important to you, ex) crystals, images, herbs, jewelry, and statutes. Alters are used for prayer, mediation, magick, and blessings.

The Crystal Herbalism Alter *

*Goddess/Guides: Green Tara, Mother Nature, Skeeter (my cat), & the Fae

*Herbs: Drie12631302_953928588033591_7041804525406215422_nd Lavender

*Crystals: Aquamarine, Quartz wand, Faerie Cross, Faerie Amethyst, White Aragonite, Faerie Quartz, Rose Quartz, Tree Agate, Stonehenge Stone, Rainbow Fluorite, Petrified Wood.

*Jewelry: Green Tara Mala & Crystal, Rudraksha, & Lotus seed Bracelets.

*Statues: 2 Green Tara, Tree Agate Faerie, Labyrinth

*Images: Isle of Skye etching & Spirit of Flight (journal & small book)

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