Healing the Past

On the weekends (fri-sun) I work at a local shop called Crystal Life Technology in Geneva, IL. While I’m there I’m in charge of  customer service, product development, and blog writing. Most importantly I assist the customers, and I have met a lot of wonderful people while working at the shop.

During this new year I have noticed a lot of the customers are dealing with blockages created from their pasts, These blockages stem from trauma, fear, guilt, and anger. A majority of the time when we think about the past there are some memories we tend to avoid, our unconscious allowing that ignorance to fester till it starts to effect our present energy.

Its easier not to deal with our past, to leave it tucked away in the mind. But the shadows of those memories cloud our judgments, as if we are suck in the misty realm between reality and oblivion. Sometimes we even find comfort in the conflict, we think of it as reminder that we are living. As beings we are always drawn to battle of light vs dark, we relish in pressure to choose a side. No, I am not talking about good vs evil, I’m simply talking about the feelings of happiness and sorrow. It’s not that we crave to be depressed, but we tend to feel some comfort in the pain. I think it’s easier for us to feel hollow rather than work so hard to stay positive. But just like our smiles, it takes more muscles to frown.

When it comes to healing the past we should do it take the time to truly embrace the memory. By taking the time to honor it, to understand it, and to feel the emotions of it. When we envelope ourselves in the past we find that what we have been avoiding for so long isn’t really scary, but that we have created a monster with our imagination. It’s almost as if we are children, when the lights go out we imagine the shadow lurking in the corner growing bigger as the darkness sets in, but when we turn the lights on all that remains is the fear of what we thought was there. It’s difficult for us to admit that we are creating monsters out of our imagination, because when the lights are on we are ashamed to find it all so simple. IMG_2940

Try to shed light on your past, expose the darkness that lurks. Forgive yourself, respect your emotions, and understand that your past is what makes you stronger. Our memories are lessons, they are the past chapters of our lives that have guided us to where we are now, take some pride to see how you’ve grown. You will not heal quickly but I promise, you will feel a release when you overcome the fear to face what you have been avoiding to. Like I wrote about in my post about learning to let go, “With each inhale and exhale I let go, I give those memories their proper burial.  I can visit their graves when I need a reminder, leave the memories within the earth, resting under the setting sun. I imagine a place within my mind, where the sky bleeds crimson and violet, and the headstones of grey stone are kissed with moss. I create a peaceful place for the graves of my past, for when I visit I am not fearful.”


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