Learning to Forgive

When it comes to letting go of the past and the wounds it created, we tend to find ourselves in the difficult position of trying to abandon the past but also learn from it. When we think of letting go, we think we must forget what we have been through, but the true challenge is honoring the memories and growing from them. I like to think of letting go as a symbol of burial, we mourn the loss, grow bitter from the absence, and finally find solitude in its reminder.

Our past is a collection of lessons, and the evolution of our lessons are what form our future. There have been many times in my life where I have wished to block the memories, the past is too painful. It took some time to realize that the pain is a reminder that I’ve lived, I am the creation of my own lessons.

I am independent and vocal from being bullied as a child, I appreciate happiness due to my depression, I cherish peace due to my anxiety, and I am stronger and more beautiful due to my body image disorders. If I didn’t honor their lessons, then I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today.IMG_20150115_144758

One of the ways I honor my past is that I lie on the ground, placing my left hand over my heart and my right over my belly. I feel the pulse of my heart, and the rise and fall of my belly; feel the sensation of life. I tell myself that mantra: I Honor, I Heal.

With each inhale and exhale I let go, I give those memories their proper burial.  I can visit their graves when I need a reminder, leave the memories within the earth, resting under the setting sun. I imagine a place withi
n my mind, where the sky bleeds crimson and violet, and the headstones of grey stone are kissed with moss. I create a peaceful place for the graves of my past, for when I visit I am not fearful. I have an iron bench in this mindful place, Where I sit and look out onto the memoires, reading the headstones one by one. The collection of memories lay to rest as their presence lives on. And just like the setting sun I will rise again, evolved. Basking light onto my past.

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