A Sunset, Nature, & Young Love

I truly believe that nature heals.

Brandon and I have been dating for shy of 4 years now and whenever we are stressed, depressed, or in need of a little fun, we take a walk in the forest. We watch the birds, listen to the rustling of leaves, and feel the earth below as we walk. It’s as if for the moment we are alone, the noise of life is distant and all we hear is the mixture of air and our breath. Last week on our nature walk we began our journey as the setting sun waved goodbye, and when we left the stars winked through the passing clouds.  One of the reasons we find the woods our personal sanctuary is because when we venture out into the timid wild, we are allowed to be completely free. We are not bound to standards or tasks, we are completely free and able to run along the breeze. At the end of our walk, we always take a moment and close out eyes as we inhale and exhale, honoring the moment. It’s special for us to take our walks, we cherish the time we spend with nature. Brandon and I have nature as the core to our relationship, our first date was a walk in the woods, our first time to say I love you was in the woods, everything we share has some tie to the forest. Its important to find time to honor nature, to connect to the world around you. It allows you to grow, manifest, and relax. For the forest is more than just trees, its a place of spiritual nourishment.

How To Connect With Nature

  • Take a walk
  • exercise Outdoors
  • Garden
  • Visit Local Farms
  • Meditate Outside

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