The Period Body.

This past week I experienced a mentally draining period. It caused me to be very depressed and turn against my body, I was painfully bloated and every time I looked in the mirror I was disgusted at what I saw. Part of me was ashamed of this negativity and another part welcomed it. Why was I so caught up in how I looked? Why did I allow my body’s transition affect my self-confidence? I don’t know why I felt the way I did, It was almost as if a switch went off in my head causing my perception to be deceived. The mental impression of myself was shattered, I was in a fragile state of thinking and I didn’t know how to filter through the shadowed thoughts. The hardest part for me was feeling like I let myself down, that I wasn’t strong enough to persevere through the self-hate.

As a women we are gifted with the week of discomfort. It’s difficult for us to feel thankful for the natural system, when we tend to get caught up in the cravings for chocolate and pretty much all kinds of deserts!11269619_939907336032201_825038661_n

I don’t think we need to throw a party every time our period comes, I don’t think we need to have some type of period cult honoring. I just believe that we need to be more grateful and understanding towards our body during that time. Rather then to get upset and be hard on ourselves, we need to create ways to make us feel better and understand that the body is just filtering itself out. I also feel that instated of sunning away periods as a “hush-hush” topic, we should be more open about how it feels and makes us feel. When we get the conversation going, it gives others the opportunity to learn and also feel understood. I know I’m not the only women who feels like this during her period but I NEVER hear women talk about theirs.  Periods happen to all women and yet we never want to talk about it, for those young girls who are just getting theirs are learning to be ashamed of their periods. When they should be say: HELL YEAH! I BLEED EVERY MONTH!!  I’m just kidding, but I do think that we should teach young girls the having your period is actually very important and that the body is working hard to keep us balanced.  Rather then tell them to whisper and hide tampons or pads in their backpack. Overall, in the case of periods… Honesty if the best policy.

My advice for all of us, is the next time we get our period we should stand in front of the mirror naked. The sense of exposure and emotional vulnerability will allow us to truly see ourselves, to see the beauty of our curves and the history of the lines upon our skin. To feel our bellies, inhaling and exhaling, knowing that our bodies are doing their jobs. To be in our natural state allows us to evolve our way of thinking, for the P in periods is for POWER and not Pain, because women are extremely powerful.

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