The Workout Complex

Fitness feels like a chore to a majority of people, Its seem seems like an obligation to make your body look a certain way. Our society is driven to workout. Due to the bombardment of images of perfectly fit people who are biologically blessed, the models who make up only 5% of the population. We revolve our workout around that 5% and we gain nothing from it, only stress, depression, and broken confidence.  What would happen if we focused on the beautiful bodies of the 95%? What if revolved our workouts around looking like ourselves? Just imagine if the core to fitness was to feel good rather than look good. I honestly believe we would have less body image issues, it would change the way women view themselves. It would also cause a ripple effect, It would alter the way the media works. We would have more real life women presented on the magazines, films, and tv. We would stop body shaming and start body loving. It may seem impossible right now to imagine a world where beauty was individualized, but its possible to change. All it takes is more women sharing their stories, empowering others to love themselves, and to push brands to stop displaying images that hurt the self-esteem of women. Like the feminist saying, “The Future is Female.”

When it comes to working out the only way to truly be motivated is to root it to the emotion of feeling good. And yes, I did just say that working out feels good. It’s about creating sustainable goals, when we workout to empower ourselves we are more likely to do it. Your fitness routine should be fun, creative, and fit your lifestyle. Whether its yoga, biking, dancing, running, kickboxing, or even walking. It all about creating a system that stimulates movement and inspires you to evolve. For example my workout is a mix of yoga, mat work, and self-defense. That is why I wake up everyday to workout, because it allows me to feel strong and happy. fitness is also a therapeutic release, with all the built up stress, sweat seems to be the best cure. When I have a busy day ahead and a heart full of worry, when I step onto my mat it allows me to focus on the moment, to be present with my body. Almost if synchronous, a balance naturally created through the movement of the body and mind as one.

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