Tis The Season To Be Vegan

This holiday season I am experimenting more with my food, I enjoy modern twist on vegan recipes. I belive that when we make cooking fun we establish a healthy relationship with food. In order to truly be healthy you must honor what you eat, you must make eating and experience. Food is a source of fuel for the body, it provides us with energy. When we eat natural based foods, we become more connected with the earth and have a heightened sense of how we really feel. We become aware, a form a clarity is given to us when we make healthy choices.

Dieting is not sustainable. I don’t even use the word diet in my vocabulary. I have a “food path” a choice of what kind of foods I fuel myself with. My food path is veganism. Its is one of the greenest things we can do to aid the planet in the crisis of global warming. Being vegan saves 100 animals a year, reduces our carbon footprint, cleanses the body, supports organic farming,  and heightens out spiritual relationship with the earth.

This holiday season you can make a difference and choose vegan options for your meals, even try meatless Mondays! Being vegan gives back to the earth and your body. I value honoring the food we eat, because when we respect the fuel we give ourselves, we respect ourselves.


A Very Vegan Thanksgiving
A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

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