The 31 day Self-Love Challenge

This December I will be launching the Self-Love challenge. It is a free challenge that allows you to reconnect the mind and body, to find an organic balance of healthy eating and mantra fitness. The challenge is customized to your schedule, with daily tasks and  tips to love yourself. December is the holiday of gratitude, so this winter give back to yourself. Take some time to really connect with your mind, body and spirit.

The first step it to email me at and I will send you a small questionnaire to understand your daily life schedule and what body image issues you have. I will send you your personalized task sheet on Nov. 30th, so you will be able to start the challenge Dec 1st.

During the challenge you will #holidayofselflove and tag @ecofityogi with your update posts via instagram. At the end of the challenge I will choose 3 winners who showed the most progress and took the challenge to heart. I will feature the winners in on EcoFitYogi blog and also send the winners a small self-love gift.

I already have some participants in the challenge, Join me and the community of EcoFitYogi in the 31 day Self-Love challenge. Lets create a movement of women embracing themselves and loving who they are this holiday season.


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